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Lesson-4 (in Hindi)
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Previous year questions of General intelligence and Reasoning for ssc

Udit Singh
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vanjeevan- tribal affairs ministry, Any person or entity which makes a payment exceeding Rs 1 lakh in a financial year to a non-resident technology company for some B2B {Business to Business Services} needs to withhold 6% tax on the gross amount being paid as an equalisation levy.
sir for questions no.17 please explain sum easy method with less time to solve it?
more information and new questions...
  1. General intelligence and Reasoning

  2. Target Audience Learners preparing for AFCAT, RAILWAY

  3. uestion-16 In the followig question, select the number which can be placed at the sign of question mark (?) from the given alteratives 4. 231 12 145 61?7 3 3 2 5 5 (A) 43 (B) 49 (C) 59 (D) 71

  4. Answer-D First Figure (2 x 3 x 5 x 1) +1 30 +1 31 Second Figure (4 2 3 6) + 1 144 + 1 145 Third Figure (2 x 1 x 5 x 7) +1 70 +1 71

  5. Question-17 How many triangles are there in the given figure ? (A)20 (B) 22 (C) 28 (D) 32

  6. Answer-B The triangles are Thus, there are 22 trlangles in the glven figure.

  7. Question-18 In the following question below are given some statements followed by some Conclusions.Taking the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts, read all the Conclusions and then decide which of the given Conclusion logically follows the given statements. Statements: I. Some pens are pencils. II. All pencils are erasers

  8. Conclusions: I. Some pens are erasers. II. No pen is eraser. IlI. Some erasers are pencils (A) Only Conclusion II follows. (B) Only Conclusions I and II Follow C) Only ConclusionsI and Ill follow. (D) No Conclusion follows

  9. Answer-D en peni Eraser

  10. Question-19 Three positions of a cube are shown below. What will come opposite to face containing I'? (A)VI (B) IV (C) II (D) V li IV VI

  11. Question-20 In the given figure, how many pens are blue? (A)23 (B) 19 (C) 12 (D) 15 Black-- 13 194 15 19 16 Pens 12 Blue

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