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Lesson-3 (in Hindi)
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Previous year questions of General Knowledge for SSC JE exam

Udit Singh
Mechanical engineer|| Defence enthusiast||Passionate Teacher|Cleared AFCAT, CDS SSC CGL(PRE)

Unacademy user
question 11 ki calculation mistake h plz resolve again
please explain questions no-11 ans
please explain questions no-11 ans
rakhi question calculation is wrong pls check and correct this
Sir wo age wale question nahi samajh me aaya
  1. General intelligence and Reasoning

  2. unacademY About me UDIT SINGH Btech(Mechanical) Exams cleared-Afcat.cds Ssc cgl(pre) (Teaching experience of - 3years) 2113

  3. Target Audience Learners preparing for AFCAT, RAILWAY

  4. uestion-11 Rakhi got engaged 10 years ago. Rakhi's present age is 53 of her age at the time of engagement. If the present age of Rakhi's mother is twice that of present age of Rakhi, then what was her mother's age (in years) at the time of her engagement? A)50 (B)40 (C) 30 (D) 60

  5. Answer-B Suppose the present age of Rakhi X years. According to question, (x-10) 53= X 5x-50 = 3x 5x 3x 50 x =50/2= 25 Present age of Rakhi's mother 2x2 x 25 50 years Age of Rakhi's mother at time of her engagement - (50 10) years 40 years

  6. Question-12 In the following question, from the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word. SUSPENSEFULNESS (A) SENSE (B) FUELS (C) USEFUL (D) FULLNESS

  7. Answer-D There is only one 'L' in the given word. Therefore, the word FULLNESS cannot be formed SUSPENSEFUL N E S S SENSE SUSPEN | SEFUL! NE S S FUELS E S S USEFUL

  8. Question-13 In a certain code language, "BAD" is written as u7" and "SAP" is written as "9". How is "BAN" written in that code language? (A)8 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 6

  9. Answer-A B A A P 19 + 1 + 16 = 36 363 69 36 3 6 9 Therefore, B A N 2+1+14 = 17

  10. Question-14 In the following question, correct the equation by inter changing any two signs. 9 3+8 4-7=28 (A) and- (B) and - (C) and + (D) x and

  11. Question-15 If 4 * 5 % 3 = 8000 and 2 * 3 % 2 = 36, then 4 * 3 % 3 = ? (A)432 (B) 1728 (C) 36 (D) 144

  12. ThanK