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Lesson 3: Modifiers - 3
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Learn the different types of modifiers: Phrase, clause, adjective and adverb modifiers.

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  1. Collection: Advanced Grammar Lesson 3- Modifiers Introduction

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  3. Types of Modifiers Modifiers provide additional information for Noun . Verb . Clause And they can be a Word .Phrase Clause

  4. Example e I have a blue bag I have a blue bag which was given to me by Mr Sharma. * I have a blue bad which was given to me by Mr Sharma, the vice principal of my school.

  5. Scenarios ADJECTIVE . Modifier = WORD and it modifies a NOUN * Adjective can only modify a noun/ pronoun Example- That was a very difficult exam.

  6. Scenarios PHRASE e Modifier PHRASE and it modifies a NOUN ' The modifier phrases are usually prepositional phrases, noun phrases or have a "verb + ing" or a "verb + ed" form e Example- On the way to his school, he met his childhood friend. Giving his colleague a piece of his mind, Ravi decided to go home. After finishing his homework, Raju went to play Cricket. e *

  7. Scenarios CLAUSES . Modifier = CLAUSE and it modifies a NOUN . The clauses are usually relative clauses Relative clauses-which, who, that, whichever, whom. . Example- The example that we discussed yesterday came in today's exam ' He lost his phone, which he purchased last November.

  8. Scenarios ADVERBS . Modifier = WORD and it modifies a VERB e Adverbs can modify a verb, an adjective, an adverb! e Example- That was an incredibly difficult exam