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Lesson-1: Statement & Conclusions ( in Hindi)
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In this lesson we learn to find the best method to solve questions of statement and conclusions.

S B Jaiswal
*15 yrs experience in teaching *Faculty in KD Campus, Mukherjinagar, Delhi *Ex-faculty of Paramount Coaching & Chankya IAS Coaching, Delhi

Unacademy user
Very helpful and explained very easily
S B Jaiswal
a year ago
Thanks Rajesh for comment
  1. Statement : Morning walks are good for health. Conclusions: I. All healthy people go for morning walks. II. . Evening walks are harmful

  2. Statement : Now you don't need an import licence to own a DVD Conclusions: I. DVDs are now manu- factured indigenously. II. DVDs are now freely permitted to be imported.

  3. Statement : Death keeps no calendar. Conclusions: I, Man must die one dav II. Death can come at any time.

  4. Statement: Vegetable prices are soaring in the market. Conclusions : I. Vegetable are becoming a rare commodity People cannot eat vegetables

  5. Statement : The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. Conclusions: I. Your life will be dull if you don't face a problem. II. To escape from problems, you should always have some solution with you.