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Lesson-1 : Statement and Courses of Action (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we learn the basic concepts of the statement & courses of action.

S B Jaiswal
*15 yrs experience in teaching *Faculty in KD Campus, Mukherjinagar, Delhi *Ex-faculty of Paramount Coaching & Chankya IAS Coaching, Delhi

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S B Jaiswal
a year ago
nice sirji
S B Jaiswal
a year ago

  2. Statement: A company has decided to give 15% increase in salary to its employees from next month. Courses of action: I. The accounts department will have to prepare new salary statement for all employees before due date. II. Employees' association should ask for more rise in the salary considering the market condition

  3. Statement : The meteorological department has predicated good monsoon this year for the tenth consecutive vear and this will result in good crop yield. Courses of action: I, The Government should off-load the stores before harvesting II. The Government should provide chemical fertilizers to farmers immediately

  4. Statement: Most of the development plans develop in papers only. Courses of action: I. The incharges should be instructed to supervise the field-work regularly. II. The supply of paper to such departments should be cut short.

  5. Statement : The proposed strike by the transporters would paralyse day-to-day life of the people Courses of action: 1. City administration should engage the transporters successfully in negotiation on their demands in order to pre-empt their strike II. City administration should arrange for alternative public transportation systenm during the strike.

  6. Statement : There has been a significant drop in the water of all the lakes supplying water to the city Courses of action: I. The water supply authority should impose a partial cut in supply to tackle the situation. II. The Government should appeal to all the resident through mass media for minimum use of water.