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Lesson 1 : course overview (in Hindi)
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This lesson gives you a brief course overview so that the students can understand which path we are gonna follow

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

Unacademy user
sir have some doubt regarding english grammer paper and i have asked it in msg box sir plx try to answer it
sir my date of birth is 09/11/2001 can I appear in 2020 nda exam after appearing class 12
yes sir's a Pancea...for us
  1. PANACEA FOR ENGLISH VOCABULARY A course qiving students everything necessary for developing vocabulary Presented b SIDHANT SHARMA


  3. M live 5 a1992@gm | Sidhant Sharma-Unacademy Crash Course on English Gra + C crash course-on-english-grammar for defence exams62 EMG0 % unacademy Home Explore Plus Login signup < Back to Plus Crash Cou lish Gr Crash Course on English Grammar foi Defence Exams Sidhant Sharma 0:11 / 12:35 YouTube In this course. Sidhant Sharma will cover all the important topics of English Grammar along with F CDS/NDA/AFCAT. All the Questions will be discussed on the latest pattern of Defence Exams. Th course will be conducted in Hindi and notes will be provided in English. 16th January to 28th January 2019 18 hours of live classes Private Discussion Forum Doubt clearing sessions and Live quizzes R1,500 Abhishek from Unacademy Plus Team BTW did you check out how Ayusshs Plus Course looks like?!ts amazing Apply for thi O Last date to apply1 LIMITED SEATS About this course Live Sessions grammar live dec4.pptx Cost increases on 19th Dec Gi The course consists of 12 sessions of 1 hour 30 mins duration each Session recording will be orovided for all the seasi Show all 5:15 PM


  5. SYNONYMS Nimble Spry, Agile, Alert, Brisk, Lively .Obstinate Obdurate, Enigma Phlegmatic Cold, Apathetic, Languid, Inert Rapture Tenacious, Stubborn, Mystery, puzzle, illusion, riddle Bliss, Ecstasy, Enchantment

  6. SYNONYMS Reprimand Blame, Reproach, Rebuke Sarcastic Satirical, Sardonic, Ironical, Bitting Uncouth Clumsy, Rough, Rude, Unrefined Vehement Wild, Violent, Passionate, Ardent Wane Decrease, Decline, Abate, Subside

  7. ANTONYMS Queer Common, Usual, Regular Ridicule Venerate, Respect, Salute, honour Restrain Incite, Impel, Loose, Liberate Severe Tolerant, Lenient, Lax, Considerate Supernatural Natural, Usual, Commonplace

  8. ANTONYMS Terse Difficult, Wordy, Prolix Venerate Despise, Condemn, Scoff at Verbosity Conciseness, Terseness, Succinc Wisdom Folly, Injudiciousness, Stupidity Wit Dullness, Stolidity, Stupidity

  9. ONE WORD SUBSTITUTES The art of spelling words correctly Orthography . . . . Vespers A person refuses to comply with IIS

  10. ONE WORD SUBSTITUTES mething.. Metamorphism s sins....Expiate A gesture of respect and Homage

  11. ONE WORD SUBSTITUTES Not refined, fluent or regular but jerky in Extrovert The special language or jargon spoken by a particular class, profession, etc... Cant Defeasible

  12. IDIOMS AND PHRASES Wide of the mark (not to the point) : Her remark is wide of the mark. Without rhyme or reason ( without proper cause): We should not harass without any rhyme or reason Willy-Nilly (somehow or the other, whether one likes or not): We have to accept some job willy-nilly.

  13. IDIOMS AND PHRASES To worship the rising sun (to respect a man who is coming in power): To worship the rising sun has become the order of the day Windfall unexpected good fortune): Winning the first prize in lottery was a windfall for Harbans.

  14. NEW WORDS Tumult Tarnish l, discolor Tawdry showy, flashy Tedious Thrive noise, uproar dull, uninteresting prosper, flourish

  15. SYNONYMS Flagrant Glaring, Obvious, Outrageous Furtive Stealthily, skulking, Sly, Clandestine Genial Cordial, Pleasant, Hearty, Kindly Guideless Innocent, Honest Hackneyed Trite, Stereotyped, Stale, Commonplace

  16. ANTONYMS Immortal Transient, Mortal, Changing Implicit Explicit, Stated, Express Jubilant Penitent, Despondent * Knack Ineptitude, Clumsiness Liberty Restraint, Slavery, Imprisonment

  17. ANTONYMS Loathe Love, Admire Lunatic Genius, Sage Meek Arrogant, Domineering, Proud Model Imitation, Copy, Execution, Production Manoeuvre Shambles, Chaos

  18. ONE WORD SUBSTITUTES Extremely showy and colorful personality . . . . Flamboyant Doctrine that the pleasure is the chief One who makes or compiles a dictionary.... Lexicography A free thinker on religion.. . . Libertine.

  19. IDIOMS AND PHRASES To run amuck (to go mad): When an elephant runs amuck, it causes great panic. To set the Thames on fire (do something remarkable): Removing poverty from India is nothing short of setting the Thames on fire.

  20. IDIOMS AND PHRASES To smell a rat (to have suspicion): He smelt a rat and refused to accompany them To stand on ceremony (to be formal): I cannot stand on ceremony with my friends.

  21. IDIOMS AND PHRASES A storm in a tea cup (great fuss over a trifle): The noisy quarrel at the grocery shop was just a storm in a tea cup. To take French leave (to depart without permission): Students should not take French leave to enjoy a film show in a working day.

  22. NEW WORDS Stupendous Amazing Subjugate Sublime Succumb to give away, to die Surmount to overcome Bring under control exalted, noble

  23. NEW WORDS Susceptible easily moved Sarcastic satirical, ironical Scanty Scrupulous strict, precise Sententious concise, terse scare, meager

  24. NEW WORDS Servile .Sham Sinuous winding, snalk Slovenly Solitary enslaved, dependent imitation, counterfeit untidy, unkempt lonely, isolated