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Lesson 1- Conditional Sentences (in Hindi)
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Lesson 1 covers the introduction to conditional sentences, some examples of them, their parts and important pairs of conditional sentences.

Niharika Uppal
BSc ( Life Sciences), MSc( Dietics and Nutrition), Certificate in food Nutrition and Russian language, 7 years teaching experience.

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please complete soon
mam conditional sentences if ke alava aur word se bhi start ho sakte hai
Niharika Uppal
a year ago
yup....suppose/Supposing, provided when, etc...
Shivam singh
a year ago
Okkk thank you mam
Shivam singh
a year ago
mam mai up board se hu to english jyada acchi nhi hai ..maine is br ssc cgl me apply kiya hai ... mam english ki prepare kaise kare .. plzz tell me .. mujhe job isi br chahiye
  1. EDUCATOR'S INTRODUCTION - Niharika Uppal. . have cleared many competitive examinations. . Will put courses for SSC CGL for English. Will cover grammar, vocabulary and previous year papers practice. . Follow me at Unacademy- harika-1776

  2. CONDITIONAL SENTENCES LESSON-1 CONTENTS OF THE LESSON - Introduction to conditional sentences Some examples of conditional sentences . Parts of conditional sentences - Some words/pairs of words used in conditional sentences

  3. What is conditional sentence? When in a combination of two sentences/clauses, one of the sentence/clause depends upon the other sentence/clause, then It is called conditional sentence. We can also say that these are sentences that talk about situations and their results or effects.

  4. Examples of conditional sentences If I win the match, I will treat you for sure - As soon as Meera fell, Reeta started to laugh. uld win, If you worked hard. . If he had stopped me, I would not have done such a blunder. . If I were a king, you would be my servant.

  5. Parts of a conditional sentence IF CLAUSE This is the clause which specifies the condition in the sentence .MAIN CLAUSE This is the clause in which the result or consequence is shown. Eg- If I see you, If-clause I will greet you. main clause

  6. Some conditional words If...comma(,) . When...comma() . No sooner...than Scarcely/hardly...when Unless/until...comma(,) Although/yet...comma,) As soon as...comma() Provided Suppose...comma(,)