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Lec-00 Introduction , why this course is most important course for IIT-JEE (in Hindi)
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introduction to the course... why this chapter/topic is most important how you can secured 20 pulse MARKS basic discussion

Monu bhagat is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Monu bhagat | NISTian | Plus Educator| 4+ Yr. Experience|JeeNet EX-faculty of Global institute ,CareerHub ,Enthusiasts , Passion for Teaching

Unacademy user
Pls tell how did u considered normall to be zero for separation???
Gaurav Joshi
2 years ago
normal force represents contact condition....If there is no contact then normal must have been zero for that.
a year ago
Sir..but the sliding is supposed to happen along the inclined surface..the forces along the perpendicular direction should be balanced since there is no acceleration in that direction and the contact should be maintained. How does sliding imply no contact? Sir please help me in understanding this concept.
volume is not clear
Monu bhagat
a month ago
Sorry dear but in other videos sound is clear
english me lecture bataeye
Monu bhagat
5 months ago
Ok mai English m bhe lecture banaunga aap ke lea
nice lecture sir you are the best I understand everything now I didn't have any fear of physics thanks so much
Monu bhagat
7 months ago
Thank you @sahil for your positive comment
Monu bhagat
9 months ago
Thank you and please follow all lesson for better understanding
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