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Learn ParaJumbles in Six Simple Steps (in Hindi)
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For Beginners- Learn Parajumbles in six easy steps

Animesh sharma
I have done & MBA from UPES. 6+ yrs of exp & International Certifications.

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  1. 3 of 12 We will Crack the simple code to solve Parajumbles in six simple steps!

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  3. What is a Parajumble? Parajumbles are jumbled paragraphs/sentences Basically, you are given a paragraph-but the sentences are not in the right order. It's up to you to untie this knot and rearrange the sentences so that they logically make sense

  4. Step 1 Introduction & Conclusion-look for them in parajumble sentences Example- Sequence wise-1-Once upon a time there was a.... (Introductory Sentence) or Firstly, foremost, Initially ,to begin with, etc. Sequence wise 2- &They lived happily thereafter. (Closing/conclusion)

  5. Step 2 Proper Noun-Pronoun sequence. Just remember that Proper Noun will come before any Pronoun in any parajumble Sentences Example- Sequence wise-1-Ms. Ananya is the President of Yes Bank Sequence wise 2-She is very punctual.

  6. Step 3 Article sequence before Noun- Indefinite Articles (A/An) comes before the Definite article ('The') in a given Parajumble sentence Example- Sequence wise-1-There was a lion (N). (lion is the Noun) Sequence wise 2- The lion (N) was very hungry & was looking for a prey.

  7. Step 4 Chronological Sequence-Generally we will talk about the past first & present ater in Parajumble Sequence Example- Sequence wise-1-In 1901, there was a utter poverty in China. Sequence wise 2-Currently/now/presently, it's the fastest growing GDP of the world.

  8. Step 5 Correlative Conjunctions- Either.. or, neither.. Nor, Not only...but also, barely/Scarcely/hardly...when, etc Example- sequence wise-1-neither/either/Not only/barely Sequence wise 2- nor/or/but also/when

  9. Step 6 Expression of Transition-In addition to, in the meantime, consequently, subsequently, as a result, for example, meanwhile, infact, still, finally, moreover, also,hence,therefore,thus,then,etc. Always sequence wise 2-Expression of Transition

  10. Practice Question 1 P- But she left the meeting Q. Mr. Rajiv told her to wait more. R-Ms. Alia got up in the middle of the meeting presided over by Mr. Rajiv Shukla -She said she wanted to resign.