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Learn Everything You Need to Know About IPS Training
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Through this lesson, Chinmay Pandit briefs on how the IPS training happens in India. He takes us through the routine of the trainee during IPS training and also reveals much more fascinating things which would definitely inspire all the aspirants to attain their accomplishment without having any second thought.

Chinmay Pandit
IPS officer - Assistant Superintendent of Police. AIR 145 UPSC CSE 2012.

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Hiii...U r doing great work yr...It's very helpful for students who preparation for govt exam
Kirti Dalal
3 years ago
thanks abhi. i hope this course will help u:)
Kirti Dalal
3 years ago
Vikram, you can contact to unacademy team by filling the form with teach title in your profile and they will contact you as soon as possible if you fulfill the required criteria.
Banti Arya
3 years ago
hello man !! please tell me what is best way to prepare english for po ?
Ankit Jaswani
3 years ago
Dear ma'am, Can you please upload the video of word power made easy chapters
Pranav Kapse
3 years ago
Hello madam, i want to ask that the vocabulary that is asked in banking exams mainly come from The Hindu it true?
I always get fascinated, when I think of the uniform which allows us to serve our great country. This is the only dream of my life. Jai Hind Sir.
Kaya ips Kay liyae koi minimum hight needed hai
Sir is there any minimum prescribed hight required to be IPS
Hrishikesh Pawar
3 years ago
Physical requirement Height – Male 165 cm & ST (not the SC/ OBC) – 160 cm Female 150 cm & ST (not SC/ OBC)- 145 cm Chest – Male Minimum 84 cm. Expansion 5 cm. Female Min 79 cm expansion 5 cm. Eye sight – 6/6 or 6/9 distant vision for good eye. 6/12 or 6/9 for worst eye. Near vision J 1 for good eye. J2 for worst eye.
Kusum kumari
7 months ago
bhai 60+ weight hai height 158cm can I rejected or select for ips
sir even IAS candidates will have phase2 training as that of IPS officers after sho meet once again n share experience?? @chinmaypandit
Jai Deep bhola
2 years ago
Ias have phase 2 training in the district itself
sir.. thanks for galnce into ips training but sir... kindly can you make video for how to prepare for interview if choosed for IPS , because guidance for IAS intweview is spread evrywer on internet but we hardly find guidance for ppl who choose IPS , please can you make a video how to prepare for IPS ?
It's very inspiring... Sir,I have a confusion about rank of it assistant superintendent of police or additional superintendent of police. If both are different ,please clarify the differences.
I cant watch the videos only audio is there. ...can someone plz suggest me what should i do??
Nitin Sachan
3 years ago
open it via Facebook app...
Sudam Pradhan
3 years ago
Thanks brother

  2. Structure of the Training Total Duration 2 Years Foundation Basic Course District Practical Training Phase 2 Training SVPNPA 45 Days Course LBSNAA SVPNPA Hyderabad Mussorie . Respective Hyderabad . 3 Months . 1 year cadre . 6 Months

  3. Foundation Course Takes Place atLal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Admininstration Mussorie . Duration 3 Months Common for IAS, IPS and Indian Foreign Service Trainees

  4. Basic course Takes Place at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy Hyderabad The components of basic course are " Compulsory Indoor Subjects * Compulsory Outdoor Subject " Qualifying Subjects POLICE A HYDERABAD

  5. Compulsory Indoor Subjects

  6. Study of Laws Criminal Procedure Code 1973 Indian Penal Code 1860 Indian Evidence Act 1872 Special laws like NDPS, PoCA, Actrocities Act etc * Indian Evidence Act 1872

  7. Investigation Theoretical and Hands on training for conducting investigations Modules on serious crimes like Murder robbery, dowry death etc . Information and Communication Technology Investigation of cyber crimes

  8. Forensics Theoretical and Hands on training for Forensic Science Evidence collection Finger prints/Foot prints . Study of Forensic Medicine Post Mortem Cause of death/injury

  9. Maintenance of Public Peace and Order Theory Demo Drills

  10. Other lmportant Subjects Crime Prevention and Criminology Internal Security . Police Leadership and Management Police Leadership and Managemen Ethics and Human Rights . Police in Modern India

  11. Physical Training Physical Fitness - This includes daily PT, Yoga, Gymnesium

  12. Assault Training

  13. Equitation (Horse Riding)

  14. Unarmed Combat

  15. Field Craft and Tactics . Map-reading Navigation with or without GPS Handling explosive:s Planning and Execution of Jungle and Urban operations . Route marches upto 40 km

  16. District Practical Training IPS trainees are sent to their respective cadres for 6 months DPT Trainees are attached to a district where they are supposed to learn about various facets of district policing 3 months independent charge as SHO Investigation of serious offences