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Learn About All The Sources Of Indian Constitution: Syllabus of Indian Polity for UPSC CSE/IAS Exam
ROMAN Sir, why can't I download videos from in TubeMate in android phone??? I used to do so. I thought ' Unacademy is a FREE Education '. We download videos to learn. We can't waste our time always to search and stream a video. I don't know what your CTO thought himself and removed this facility. I know I can record videos in PC. That's again waste of time. Sir what is your real aim.... to provide free videos to all.... or not? If you want payment from us then add payment option so that we can download. AND PLEASE REPLY.
Pradeep Kumar
3 years ago
Please do not see one side of the coin, i think there must be an appropriate reason to stop downloading option, may be some people may cash downloaded videos in commercial sale, Roman sir sacrified many things to impart free education. Think resigning IAS is how much difficult.We must encourage his efforts. So be proactive, try to make notes while watching videos to avoid watch the videos again and again. This is my humble request
Chakrapani Jeevi
3 years ago
Well said pradeep kumar...u r absolutely right
Krunal Raval
3 years ago
Every decision behind some thought
Thank you, Mr. Pradeep. I appreciate your reply. I also realised the same thing. I got one main reason later. All educators are doing lots of hard work for us without taking any fee. I think "contribute" option is not helping. But they should get money. So streaming is the right option. They can earn money by it. I appreciate this 100%. I respect all the members of Unacademy and all the Educators.