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L1- Yoga
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Yoga school basics

Vani Ravija
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EC recommendations on disqualification of MP or MLA is binding or not on president and governor
very helpful ma'am
just make video Husserl Philosophy plz
Vani Ravija
a year ago
Already present in Western Philosophy Lectures. Search for "Phenomenology"
this is very much need
  1. YOGA

  2. About Me Vani Ravija Civil +Software Er. CAT/GATE/NMAT Kathak & Jazz Dancer Traveler Rate, Review, Recommend & Share

  3. SYLLABUS Citta Cittavrtti Klesas Samadhi Kaivalya

  4. Concepts to Cover Introduction to Yoga Samkhya vs Yoga Citta citta Viti

  5. Introduction to Yoga School ! One of the six major orthodox schools Phy+Mental Spiritual Patanjali Most closely related to Samkhya 2 Realities: Purursa Prakriti Samkhya MP str. of Yoga Neo-Samkhya

  6. Samkhya vs Yoga SAMKHYA YOGA Theory Atheist Reasoning 1st Mahat Reflected Mahat Practice Theist Meditation Citta (M A Mana) Citta

  7. Citta & Citta-vriti x Psycho-Phy onlyEthical Spiritual C: 1st Evolute of Pr [Max. Sattva] M + A + Mana Unconscious Purusa wrongly identifies Ref. in C Appears Modification of C Yoga Spiritual-> Perfection Cessation of CV Path of Yoga

  8. Happy Learning THANK