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L1: Western Philosophy- Overview
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Broad demarcation of Syllabus of Western Philosophy with a super quick review of the course.

Vani Ravija
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Sunil Verma
10 months ago
Kuchh smy baad mai start karunga.
Thank you very much ma’am. Ma’am I was like a wondering bark searching for lighthouse and fortunately I signed in my Unacademy account, found that you have made almost full course on philosophy optional. Ma’am you are humbly requested to make a full course on Socio-Political philosophy of UPSC optional. Ma’am although I am a Hindi medium aspirant of UPSC CSE but videos are equally important for me. Ma’am you are like ‘ doobte ko tinke ka sahara’. Thanks ma’am.
Vani Ravija
4 months ago
Please send me a direct message Mangat 😊
Mangat Sorout
4 months ago
Sure Ma’am.
Mangat Sorout
4 months ago
Ma’am where can I send you direct message? On Unacademy?
Vani Ravija
4 months ago
Yes, on unacademy
Mangat Sorout
3 months ago
Thanks Ma’am
nice video madam,I request you to make other video according to new syllabus
mam will you debate to me pato.s idea . I want to cleared some confusion
Vani Ravija
9 months ago
What's the issue with Plato's idea?
James K
5 months ago
Guy's I have ..... video, if you want ;)
Was searching long for lectures in philosophy. Thank you ma'm.
Vani Ravija
9 months ago
Can totally relate. Pleasure is mine. :)

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  3. SYLLABUS rl oedLocke theory ANALYTIC 1Descartes Paper l: History and Problems of Philosophy 1. Ancient / Greek Philosophers 2. Modern Philosophers 3. Contemporary Philosophers Moral moral ! reason studentssz Newton's REASONINGethics Mind human religion peopledualismintelligence problem ethod PlatoWittgenstein ARGUMENT aishanalknowledge question AristotleaBrai MetaphysicsCAUSE abstract unconscious thought cognitive 1deas study education IDEALISM Itcmghistory Truth

  4. Ancient /Greek Philosophers 1. Plato 2. Aristotle Concepts: Ideas; Substance; Form and Matter; Causation; Actuality and Potentiality.

  5. Modern Philosophers 1. Rationalism: Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz Cartesian Method and Certain Knowledge; Substance; God, Mind-Body Dualism, Determinism and Freedom 2. Empiricism: Locke, Berkeley, Hume Theory of Knowledge; Substance and Qualities; Self and God; Scepticism 3. Rationalism + Empiricism Kant Possibility of Synthetic a priori Judgments, Space and Time; Categories; Ideas of Reason; Antinomies; Critique of Proofs for the Exist nce of God 4. Transition: Hegel Dialectical Method; Absolute Idealism

  6. Contemporary Philosophers 1. Moore, Russell and Early Wittgenstein: Defense of Commonsense; Refutation of Idealism; Logical Atomism; Logical Constructions; Incomplete Symbols Picture Theory of Meaning, Saying and Showing. 2. Logical Positivism: Verification Theory of Meaning; Rejection of Metaphysics; Linguistic Theory of Necessary Propositions 3. Later Wittgenstein: Meaning and Use; Language-games, Critique of Private Language. 4. Phenomenology (Husserl: Method; Theory of Essences; Avoidance of Psychologism. 5. Existentialism (Kierkegaard, Sartre, Heidegger): Existence and Essence, Choice, Responsibility and Authentic Existence; Being-in-the-world and Temporality. 6. Quine and Strawson: Critique of Empiricism; Theory of Basic Particulars and Persons.

  7. Happy Learning T HANK