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L1: Buddhism
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Buddhism: Arya Satya | Causal Formula | Pratitya Samutpada | Causal Wheel

Vani Ravija
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Thanks ma’am. Please use more Hindi words. Ma’am I’m a Hindi medium student. I belongs to a farmer family I joined a coaching on philosophy optional in Mukherjee Nagar. They looted the aspirant with thousands of rupees. Even they didn’t complete the course. On asking questions they behave very badly. Answer checking is done by students. No guidance no teacher-student bond and even no humanity. Ma’am I reached on a conclusion that nothing can’t be better than your lectures on philosophy. Ma’am I mentioned my family background because I belongs to a farmer family and my father is expired. Even after that a manage to pay the fee for my future. But result was not up to the mark. Satisfaction in zero. Ma’am please keep making the videos and guiding us. Thank you very much. Sorry if I say something wrong.
would this be good for philosophy optional?
Vani Ravija
10 months ago
Yes, certainly. All the courses I created on philosophy are targeted towards aspirants with this optional.
very good lectures ma'am

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  3. Syllabus Noble Truths Theory of Causation Causal wheel of 12 dependent links Takeaways

  4. Topics Noble Truths Theory of Causation Causal wheel of 12 dependent links Takeaways

  5. Noble Truths Sufferings Cause Buddhism Cessation Path

  6. Theory of Causation Dependent origination Pratitya Samutpada 2nd & 3rd Noble Truths Causal Formula: THIS Being, THAT Arises Solution: Causal Wheel

  7. Causal Wheel of 12 Dependent Links Suffering Beginningless Ignorance Birth/Rebirth Karmic Impressions will Initial Consciousness Clingingness Psycho- Physical Being Thirst: Sense Enjoyment Six Senses Sense Experien ce Sense Object Contact

  8. Right Knowledge Astangika Marg or Eight-fold path Training in Wisdom Training in Ethics Training in Concentration

  9. Takeaways Noble Truths eath is not the end but beginning of new life End after removing root cause: ignorance Removed by Right Knowledge Attain Nirvana Become Bodhi

  10. Happy Learning THANK YOU/