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Kerala Psc||Important Article s||Part 2|(|in Malayalam)
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Important articles part 2in English

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  1. 12.Article.326.. Universal adult franchise.. muoOI Amendment 15.Article 315....... Public Service commissions for Union and States

  2. 17. Article..370..... Special provision for Jammu and Kashmir State of Nagaland to protect the Nagas. Karnataka Region.

  3. 20. Article343.... The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script....part..17...schedule..8 21. Article143..... The President may seek the opinion of the Supreme Court on any question of law 24.. National Panchayati Raj day.... State list

  4. 23. Article.266. consolidated fund and Article267... Contingency fund of India.. Goslorroo 24. Article280.. Finance commission 25. Article 300A.. right to property 26. Article301... Freedom to trade & commerce

  5. TH MEHRSHI....13TH CAG 28. Article149... Duties and powers of cag 29. Article76. Attorney General... First law officer 30. Article165...advocate general...c.p.sudhakara prasad

  6. 31. Article123.... Ordinance by president 32. Article213.... Ordinance by governor 33. Article72.. pardoning powers of the Indian President 34. Article161... governer, the power to pardon a person who has been proved guilty in court. 35. Article153.. there shall be Governor for each state 36.. Article 52... shall be a President of India.

  7. Article 54. Election of President 37. Article 61.. impeachment of the President. 38. Article63.. There shall be a Vice-President of India 39. Article85.. Power of the president to summon both houses of parliament 40. Article86...power of the president to address both houses of parliament

  8. 41. Article14...equality before law 42. Article17.. Abolishment of untouchability 43. Article5...11.. Citizenship..part 2 44. Article93.. , Lok Sabha has a Speaker and a Deputy Speaker 45. Article24. Prohibition of employment of children in factories

  9. 46. Article79:There shall be a Parliament for the Union 47. Article80: formation of rajyasabha 48. Article81: formation of Lok Sabha 49. Article108.joint sitting of parliament 50. bill

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