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KAS 2005 Question and Answers - 1 (in Kannada)
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First 10 questions from KAS 2005 Prelims is discussed in detail.

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Deepak N Chauhan
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sir mains questions papers melu videos madi pls it's useful for all. Next year I am attending UPSC exam so need to prepare pls give me suggestions sir.
kanndali question heli
Indira point is located at kanyakumari right or wrong....
Deepak N Chauhan
9 months ago
Its located in Nicobar island. Its submerged now
This time I am going to attend kpsc exam .....this is my first attempting please help me sir .....
All the very best Geeta. Keep working smart ul make it
sir 2011 2015 2017 question papers ನ ಬಿಡಿಸಿ ಸರ್.
bega ne bidstini. 😊
thank u sir...
  1. Deepak Chauhan Teaching since 1.5 year Hobbies : Travelling, Writing

  2. 1) Which country implemented the 'Patriot Act'? A) USA B) UK C) Canada D) Nigeria

  3. Answer: USA To deter and Punish terrorist acts in United states and around the world. 1) Strengthen measure to prevent, detect international money laundering. 2) After september 2001 attacks this was passed. 3) Permission to law enforcement officers to search home or business without owners knowledge. 4) Allowed FBl to search telephone, email and financial records without court order.

  4. 2) How many countries have registered as member states of UNO? (2005) A) 185 B) 191 C) 196 D) 159

  5. Answer: 191 1 )United Nations member states as of 2018 is 193 2) The United Nations Security Council has welcomed new non permanent members 1) Equatorial Guinea 2) Ivory Coast 3) Kuwait 4) Netherlands 5) Peru 6) Poland 3) Montenegro became 192nd UN member state (June 28,2006) 4) South Sudan became 193rd Member State (January 2011)

  6. 3) The month and year 'Euro' came into existence as a single European Currency is? A) January 1999 B) March 1999 C) January 2000 D) March 2000

  7. Answer January 1,1999 On January 1, 1999 Euro became single currency of European Monetary Union adopted by 11 member States. Greece became 12th member state to adopt it on January 1, 2001

  8. 4) Which committee on National auto Fuel Policy recommended Euro ll emission norms by 2005 and Euro IIl norms by 2010 to reduce vehicular pollution, in its final report submitted on 25th September 2002? A) Mashelkar Committee B) Raja Ramanna Committee C) Korgaonkar Committee D) Kasturirangan Committee

  9. Answer Mashelkar Committee 1) BS IlIl was implemented nationwide in 2010 and it was referred as Euro III 2) BS IV was implemented in 2016 and its only implemented in cities, not nationwide. 3) BS IV is referred as Euro Iv 4) In 2017, The Supreme Court banned the sale and registration of vehicles that don't meet the Bharat Stage-IV emission standards 5) Government will skip BS-V norms and will move towards BS VI norms by 2020.

  10. 5) United Nations declared the year 2002 as International year of? A) Ecotourism B) Womern o Cnisrel handicapped people D) Physically handicapped people

  11. Answer: Ecotourism 2017 - International year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2018 NOT declared India urges UN to declare 2018 as 'International Year of Millets' 2019 - International Year of Indigenous Lamguages National Year of 2018 - Year of Millets ( its was requested by Karnataka)

  12. 6) Which one of the following cities can be called a Megapolis? A) Hyderabad B) Chennai C) Bangalore D) Mumbai

  13. 7) Economic Survey of India is published officially, every year by? A) RBI B) Planning Commission C) Ministry of Finance, GOi D) Ministry of Industry, GOl

  14. Answer Andaman and Nicobar Islands Indira Point is a village in Nicobar district of Great Nicobar Island The light house which was commissioned to service on 30th April 1972, is partially submerged. But still exists so its the southern most tip of India

  15. 10) J.N.Dixit at the time of his death, was holding the position of A) Foreign Secretary B) High Commissioner of Pakistan C) National Security Adviser D) Envoy to Sri Lanka

  16. Answer:National Security Adviser

  17. Thank you:)