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Isomerism Part-2
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Ankit Dhingra
Pursuing M.Sc.(Chem), B.Ed Follow me for XI, XII, NEET, IIT-JEE

Unacademy user
Sir,in the arrangement of letter have not taken A as a vowel
oh yes....sorry for that....that part I left.... otherwise logic is same...just 3 vowels will be there....2 times U ...and 1 remaining 3 consonants....that means 3 consonants and all 3 vowels taken together as single 4! was right
So in numerator will be 4!*3!/2! or simply 4!*3
So the answer of First part should be 1/5 .... accordingly changes will be there in other parts also.....please make the necessary corrections...that was a blunder.
mtlb kya khatarnak padhaya sir