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(Hindi) Coordination Compounds in Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE 2020


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Ankit Dhingra

This course includes Complete Explanation of Coordination Compounds from class 12th Chemistry for JEE | NEET & Boards aspirants for 2020.



4 reviews

Sanjiba Kumar

reviewed on Feb 27, 2020

no plans bx did you ugh ccmrme for a beautiful Christmas card e while my car c cc re m MN gmr


reviewed on Dec 21, 2019

thank you so much sir for this awesome course sir ,it's a request please teach organic chemistry as well!!!! we all students will forever grateful to you😁

Soumyajoy Das

reviewed on Oct 14, 2019

Well, Sir truely I would like to confess that I have studied this same chapter in school but I was unable to understand it even a bit but you taught the same in such a way that I am confident that if you give 10 questions then I will surely be able to solve 8 to 9 of them easily. Thank you Sir.😄

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