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Isobars, Isotons, Isoelectronic, Electro magnetic waves some basics
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This video fesla with isobars, isotons , isoelectrons , emw basics for jee neet students

Arvind Arora
B.E.| IIT-JEE Mentor | 7+ Yr. Experience | YouTube Channel"MadeEjee Chemistry" with 15 Million+ Views | 260,000 subscribers.

Unacademy user
Main odisha se hun.graduation 63% and bed from Jammu and Kashmir university.ctet main paper 2 ka eligibility code Kya choose karunnga.option 2 or 7.kindly help me
Ravi Kumar
6 months ago
isodiaphers are the species which have same differences between no. of neutron and no. of proton .but different mass no. and atomic no.
koi batao ye c Kya hai c=(lamda). (mu)
Varsha Gilbile
2 months ago
c is speed of light
Khan Khan
13 days ago
velocity frequency aur wavelength tino ka relation hota v=mu.lamda ok ab em wave travel karti h speed of light(c) se isliye c=mu.lamda I hope apko smjh aa gya hoga
Thank you so much sir..... (cheers)
I am from a lower middle class family and I can't afford costly tutions. Thank you very much for helping us and I will try my best to support your channel. peace✌
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