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(Hindi)Atomic Structure (Complete Theory + Numerical) for JEE NEET AIIMS


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Arvind Arora

atomic structure is most important and fundamental chapter of 11th chemistry in which we will study ..the discovery of electron proton and neutron , Thompson model, Rutherford model and Bohr model of atom, plank quantum theory de brooglie wave length , Heisenberg uncertainty , Quantum theory, quantum numbers etc...


27 lessons • 5 h 42 m
Discovery of Electron by Sir Jj Thompson. And Crt(in Hindi)

12m 34s

Experiments of Sir J J Thompson for Electron Discovery(in Hindi)

13m 24s

Millikon's Oil Drop Experiment and Specific Charge , Mass and Charge of Electron(in Hindi)

12m 11s

Discovery of Proton , and Amu Value of Electron and Proton(in Hindi)

12m 13s

Atomic Structure :- Topics Introduction, and Weightage in Jee and Neet(in Hindi)

6m 23s

Discovery of neutron and final data table for fundamental particle

14m 26s

JJ thompson and Rutherford MODEL of ATOM

12m 07s

Rutherford model of atom and it's experiment. For JEE NEET

13m 34s

Atomic No., Atomic Mass, Mass No., Isotops, Isobars & failure reason of Rutherford Model

12m 54s

Isobars, Isotons, Isoelectronic, Electro magnetic waves some basics

12m 07s

Plank's quantum Theory, Einstein theory of relativity, dispersion of light(spectrum)

14m 00s

Bohr model of atom {Postulates of bohr model of atom}

13m 10s

Bohr radius and Bohr velocity expression for atom

12m 21s

Energy of Any Orbit for Bohr Model of Atom: Expression with Calculation (in Hindi)

12m 38s

Wave No., Energy calculation for excitation and deexcitation of electron

13m 02s

Hydrogen Spectrum (Lyman/Balmer/Paschen/Bracket/Pfund series) of Bohr model of atom

13m 22s

Debroglie wave length and drawbacks of Bohr model of atom

12m 02s

Velocity of electron wrt voltage and relation in kinetic energy & wave length

12m 37s

Heisenberg uncertainty principle and Sommerfeld suborbit concept

14m 09s

Orbital concept, shape of s p d f suborbital and world of electrons

13m 38s

Hund rule and electronic configuration of atoms according to Quantum theory

13m 44s

Quantum no. Introduction , principal quantum no. And remaining electronic configueation

12m 19s

Azimuthal quantum no., Magnetic quantum no. , Spin quantum no.

12m 04s

Spin quantum no. , Pauli's exclussion principal, n+l rule

12m 44s

Photo electric effect and Magnetic behaviour of atom

13m 53s

Some most important questuons practice with solutions

12m 20s

Most important conceptual 5 question with solutions

12m 09s



288 reviews

Uzma Ali

reviewed on Jul 3, 2018

sir u r great aap hm baccho ka bhut help kr rhe. unacademy ke help se hm Bina coaching ke acche marks obtained Kar skte hai meet me 😊and u r one of d best teacher on unacademy .

Nishant Singh

reviewed on Jul 2, 2018

Xcellent way to make us understand every concept of this chapter....... Even the doubts generated by us are raised by u urself and is cleared effectively..... Heartly thankful for ur outstanding teaching sir... 🙏🏻

Ankit Kumawat

reviewed on Jun 25, 2018

such a awesome platform we had aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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