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Islands: Types of Islands
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Types of Islands, continental and oceanic island , festoons, archipelago, coral islands, volcanic islands

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Siva Prasad
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Sir is Indonesia an archipelago
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  1. lslandS Part - 1 SIVA PRASAD

  2. About Me . Bachelors and Masters in Physics from Indian Institute of Science (ISc), Bangalore .INSPIRE Scholar, DST Govt. of India Interested in Physics, current affairs, economics.... . Physicist, Blogger, Teacher.... Wrote UPSC CSE Mains 2017 Research Publication in Journal of Applied Physics

  3. What is an Island An Island is a piece of land that is surrounded on all sides by water

  4. Types of Islands . Continental Islands Oceanic Islands

  5. Continental Islands . Continental Islands - These islands were formerly a part of the the mainland and are now detached from the continent They maybe superted by a shallow lagoon or a deep channel Their superation could be due to subsidence of some part of the land or rise in sea level so that the low land links are submerged . Their connection with the main land can be traced from similar physical structures, flora and fauna

  6. Continental Islands Mainland Cape Current and waves eroding part of the cape Part of the mainland or cape is ic cut off to form an island

  7. Continental Islands may appear as . Individual Islands Archipelagoes Festoons or Island arcs

  8. Individual Islands . They just lie outside the continent very much associated with the characteristic features of the mainland they were once a part of .Example - Newfoundland seperated from mainland by strait of Belle Isle, Madagascar by Mozambique Channel; Sri Lanka by Palk Strait, Tasmania by Bass strait

  9. Individual Islands Republic of the Cong0 Tantanta Zambea Angola Mauritius Botswana South Africa Madagascar

  10. Archipelagoes or Island groups . These comprise of groups of Islands of varying sizes and shapes Example- British Isles, Balearic Islands of Mediterranean

  11. Festoons or Island arcs Islands form an archipelago in the shape of a loop around the edge or the mainland, marking the continuation of the mountain ranges that can be traced on the continent Ex:- East Indies, Aleutian Islands, Kurile Islands, Ryuku Islands

  12. Types of Oceanic Islands Volcanic Islands These are topmost parts of the cones of the volcanoes that rise from the ocean bed ex. Mauritius and Reunion Islands in the Indian Ocean . Coral Islands they are lower and emerge just above the water surface; built by coral animals. ex. Lakshadweep Islands