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Irrigating Solutions
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Lesson cover important MCQs from irrigating solutions

Hi, I am Dr. Sujala, a practising dentist. Iam graduate from CDC in 2015.

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  2. 1.An irrigant should be a) b) c) d) Broad spectrum properties. Low level surface tension &low toxicity. Good lubricant All of the above

  3. Ans-AII of the above

  4. 2. Commonly used irrigating solutions a) b) c) d) Saline sodium hypochlorite EDTA All of the above

  5. Ans-All of the above

  6. 3. The activity of irrigating solution is increased by a) b) c) d) Concentration of solution Temperature of the irrigant Frequency of irrigation All of the above

  7. Ans- All of the above

  8. 4. The activity of irrigating solution is decreased by Presence of organic tissue increased surface tension of irrigant a) b) c) d) narrow canal All of the above

  9. Ans- All of the above

  10. 5. Which of the following irrigating solution is alkaline in nature a) b) C) d) 30% hydrochloric acid Sodium hypochlorite Hydrogen peroxide EDTA

  11. Ans- Sodium hypochlorite

  12. 6. Which of the following is known as the Dakin solution a) b) c) d) Sodium hypochlorite Hydrogen peroxide Chlorhexidine Carbamide peroxide

  13. 7. Ph of commonly used Sodium hypochlorite is a) 12 b) 9 c) d) 2

  14. 8. To increase efficiency of NaOCl which of the following buffering agent is used 1%Sodium Bicarbonate a) b) c) 3%sodium chloride 1%Magnesium Sulphate d) 3% Bismuth oxide

  15. Ans-1% Sodium Bicarbonate

  16. 10. Efficiency of Sodium hypochlorite increased by Warming in NaOCl 37 C to 60 C Ultrasonic activation of sodium hypochlorite Increase the time of contact with the canal All of the above a) b) c) d)

  17. Ans- All of the above

  18. 11. DiSadvantage of sodium hypochlorite is Ability to wet the dentin is less. If comes in contact with gingiva cause inflammation It cannot remove smear layer. All of the above a) b) c) d)

  19. Ans-3%

  20. 13. Which of the following irrigant is most effective against E.faecalis Chlorhexidine a) b) c) NaOCl Hydrogen peroxide d) Saline

  21. Ans -Chlorhexidine

  22. Ans -Chlorhexidine

  23. 15. Chlorhexidine at low concentration act as a) b) c) d) Bacteriostatic Bactericidal Both of the above None of the above

  24. Ans-bacteriostatic

  25. 16. Most commonly used Chelating agent is a) b) C) d) Chlorhexidine NaOC Hydrogen peroxide EDTA

  26. Ans- All of the above

  27. 18. R- EDTA contains a) b) c) d) EDTA+Cetrimide EDTA+Texapon EDTA+Cetavelon None of the above

  28. 19. Ruddle's solution contains a) b) c) d) 7%EDTA+10%NaOCL. 21%EDTA+5%NaOCL. 17%EDTA+5%NaOCL. 15%EDTA+ 10%NaOCL.

  29. Ans-17%EDTA+5%NaOCL.

  30. 20. MTAD contains a) b) c) d) Tetracycline, Citric acid ,Detergent Tetracycline ,EDTA ,Cetavelon Metronidazole , EDTA ,Citric acid Metronidazole, Citric acid,Detergent