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Mohini Jain
Gold medalist in Economics and graduate from St. Francis. Loves to read novels.

Unacademy user
Hi Mohini, I love the videos ! Kudos! I have this question: Is it enough to do just your NCERT videos for call 9th, 10th , 11th and 12th? Or is reading the books also essential? I would really want to do only your videos for NCERT and read Ramesh Singh along. Please Ans.
Mohini Jain
8 months ago
Hey Juhi... My videos will be sufficient... But i would like it if you read ncert as well... After going through the videos reading ncert will be a cake walk... So you don't have to work about not following it any more :)
Mam 9 to 12 ncert is enough for upsc plz answer me
Mohini Jain
10 months ago
Hey Raghu... Yes they are... But you need to read them thoroughly... And one or two concepts... Which are not there in your ncert... Need to read it from elsewhere...
Raghu Gowridevi
10 months ago
Thank u mam I saw ur entire courses in unacademy urs way of teaching awesome Iam very thankful to u mam
Mam, how are these class 9-12 courses different from the one that's coming up in unacademy plus from 4th Jan?
Mohini Jain
a year ago
Hey Mohammad.. That is a plus course... So you will be learning it online from me... Just like in a classroom.. Then there will be quizzes and we will be covering previous years questions as well.. For which i have exclusively devoted last two sessions... And many more differences... :)
Hello ma'am, I have finished NCERT 9th and now starting from 10th. Thank you for this course.
Mohini Jain
a year ago
Welcome :)
Mam Please do upload it in Hindi too !
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