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Consumers Rights Part 1
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Evolution of consumer movement.

Mohini Jain
Gold medalist in Economics and graduate from St. Francis. Loves to read novels.

Unacademy user
Certain number of persons are sitting around a circular table, which has a circumference of 546 cm. All the persons are facing towards the center. They are sitting at distances to each other which are consecutive multiple of six. A is 3rd to the left of I. Two persons are sitting between K and I. M is immediate right to L. H sits to the left of G at a distance of 72 cm. The distance between A and D is 18 cm. The number of persons sitting between J and B is same as between B and F. The distance between E and F is LCM of 6 and 5. Neither M nor L is neighbor of K and H. The number of persons sitting between C and I is same as between I and E. The distance between K and I is not more than 162cm. Either C or E is neighbor of K.  kindly make on this puzzle video