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Introduction to p-block elements

Prakriti Bhonsle
MSc(hons) Chemistry, Panjab University, Profession-Chemistry lecturer || “Speak what you Seek”

Unacademy user
thank you sir... 441/2016 reporter malayalam grade 2.. certificate upload cheyyan paranje psc msg vannavarunde plz replay....
6 months ago
jolly vendi velichathallaa... ningalude qualifications correct ano nokkanaa...
how to calculate IE1 and IE2
syllabus of class 12 only ??
mam what is ionisation enthalpy
Mam p block is not in hindi..?? english is time taker for me in hindi it will be great suitable for me... this chapter is very compulsary
I have uploaded in hindi group 13 and 14
Tahir Qaiyum
a year ago
Thanks u great much mam
where are group 13&14 elements?
  1. Prakriti Bhonsle MSc. (Hons.) Chemistry Panjab University

  2. p- block elements

  3. Block Elemenls those include elements belontong b gonfs13h18 General lontiquration n 2-6 p- Block 13 14 15 16 171 Hel 1g s-Blook d- Block 6A GA Se p mp Block-

  4. phosphorus (P) [Ne] [p 3p' 31 4 .aps Atomi ulnd Ausemic (As) gemic, Radii N P As Sb B N M Metalloids Metal

  5. group 14 elementa mS m ms Mp stable y'kun uccessive lonisation enhalprea