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This lesson is an Introduction of the Course of Emotional Intelligence.

Awdhesh Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Awdhesh Singh
Director,, An E-learning platform for Civil Services, Schools, GST etc., IITian, Former IRS Officer CSE-1989 rank 272

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We use this agarose gelelectrophorosis to obtain the foreign DNA i.e the gene of interest is'nt it?
Swasti Nagar
a year ago
yes, by separating fragments according to size, the desired fragment can be obtained.
hats off Sir and thank you keep putting these nice courses
Please Sir, Hindi mein Bhi Course Banayein🙏🙏🙏
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  1. Course Introduction: Emotional Intelligence

  2. .B Tech from IIT-BHU Varanasi .M Tech from IIT-Delhi PhD IIITM-Gwalior in 2008 Joined IRS (C&IT) in 1991 Received Presidential Award from Government of India in 2016 .Took voluntary retirement in October 2016 in the rank of Commissioner .Fifth Most Followed Writer on Quora in the world with around 2.5 lakhs followers and over 110 Million Answer views 2I .Authored four bestselling books on the topic of Spiritual Intelligence Leadership, Myths, and GST Follow Me @ Director, Awdhesh Academy

  3. Emotional Intelligence Human beings are emotional creatures. They are connected with each other due to their feelings and emotions. They understand each other using their rational mind and their feelings and emotions. Intelligence is related to the rational and analytical ability of a person. .Emotional Intelligence is related to understanding and managing emotions of self and others.

  4. The Course content of El in GS-4 Emotional intelligence-concepts, and their utilities and application in administration and governance.

  5. Questions relating to Emotional Intelligence in in CSE-GS-4 .What is 'emotional intelligence' and how can it be developed in people? How does it help an individual in taking ethical decisions? (150 words) (CSE 2013) . Anger is a harmful negative emotion. It is injurious to both personal life and work life Discuss how it leads to negative emotions and undesirable behaviors. How can it be managed and controlled? (150 words) (CSE 2016) .How will you apply emotional intelligence in administrative practices? (150 words) (CSE 2017)

  6. Course content Concept of Emotional Intelligence Different Models of Emotional Intelligence Application of Emotional Intelligence in Government and administration Discussion of a few questions and case studies of GS-4

  7. Who can benefit from this course? Civil Services aspirant Mangers in corporate world Civil servants Everyone