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Introduction to Transmission Lines
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The basic concept of transmission lines is discussed

Anukriti Lee
Gate 2019 Qualified, Technology is my passion,Nature and Animal lover,Have my own unique way of doing things.

Unacademy user
ma'am in ratio question plz describe second process clearly..
Madhuri Khatri
6 months ago
Compute the ratio of given numbers and check if it is 3:5 or not. Then subtract 9 from both numbers and compute the ratio, if it is 12:23, then it will be right answer.
Madhuri Khatri
6 months ago
33-9=24 55-9=46 Then compute ratio 24:46. it comes out to be 12 : 23
Swati gupta
6 months ago
ok now clear ..thank you Ma'am
Madhuri Khatri
6 months ago
you're welcome :)
  1. TRANSMISSION LINES FOR GATE/ESE and technical aspirants

  2. BASIC PRINCIPLE OF TRANSMISSION LINES They are impedance matching circuits designed to deliver power(RF) from transmitter to Antenna and maximum signal from Antenna to the Reciever. They are arranged in uniform pattern for desirable properties to simplify calculations,reduces costs and increases convenience

  3. Lines are arranged in a simple constant pattern. Tranmission Line Model