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Introduction to Statistics: Part-1 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I have discussed the basics of Statistics and types of data.

Sachin Sharma
Working as a District Youth Coordinator ,NYKS under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. I am a Post-graduate in Mathematics from Delhi

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Plz, start remaining science and technology nano, robotics, I think, defence....
very nice sir......sir plz.can u help me for commercial tax screening test in uppsc
Sachin Sharma
2 years ago
I'll definitely look into this . plz attach the syllabus .
thank u sir nice one :)
Sachin Sharma
2 years ago
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Best way to guide sir

  2. About me SACHIN SHARMA B.SC(HONS) MATHEMATICS,KIRORIMAL COLLEGE, DU . Masters in MATHEMATICS, UNIVERSITY OF DELHI WORK AS MATHEMATICS EDUCATOR STATISTICS EDUCATOR Follow me on Unacademy . If you like the lesson, don't forget to rate, review and share it.

  3. ntroduction oF Statistics >>The word Statistics" has been derivedl from the hatin Worol "status" or the s talian word "Statista' The Word "Statis ties i's.used an -t hoh ay >> Plural . When we use it in blural sense, When we use i't it means numerical facts or dlata. in sinaular way it s tatistice l means Methools

  4. hat is Stat is tics (As Numerical Data) Statistics as numerical data are those acts which can be state d-in numbers >>Any numerical based information o population eg The to tal number of graduates in a locality, ema lepoputation speciFie are a 'n

  5. STATISTICS AS STATISTICAL METHODS >> As statis tical method, it r's de 'med as the Scrence F Collection Presenta tion Analysis Interpretation

  6. Key Points about STATISTICS Statistics aloes not dleal with indiviual faure s >Y s Statisti'es does not study qualitative alata. Statistical laws are not exact. >7 skills and unders t anding f the subject.

  7. Data' Jata 's a collection of Information topie andl collecte od basedl on some specifie r Some specihe burboae 9: information regarding Number members in family, Number of members -in a Family eligible for Voting etc.

  8. Types of Data based on the Way Colle e tion Primary Aata Original clata whith are data which are already Seconclary Data collec ted by others & can be used by collected by the investigapr r Some specific purpose. angone. (Not collecteal by eq: Personal bha I nterviewythe in vestigor himself). Door to Door survey etc. : Magazines, Newspaper Social Medua ete.

  9. Primary dlata is more reliable than. s econdar data as t i's collected by the investigoyr himself. >> In case of ex benses, Secondary dlata i's more economical as it is easiy avai'lable and kue don't neeo to invest much time andl money to clleet dlata