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Introduction to Simple Interest (in Hindi)
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Introduction to SI.

Bineesh Soni is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bineesh Soni
Cleared CHSL & CGL. Former Employee of Ministry of Culture. Scored 50/50 in Quant 5 Times in SSC. A specialist in SSC preparation.

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Isnt psf fund also for potatoes, onions n horticultural products?
Pranav menon
3 years ago
Very lucid explanation binni sir
in the 2nd last question. where does 19/2 came from ?? is it from 9.5% rate. if yes then how it become 19/2 ?
sir please aap soyie nhi kyuki ke Anil Kumar AA gya hai
Dear sir these topic SIMPLE INTREST this is cover all type of questions who asked ssc
please sir solve this question I give it to u .. a sum of ₹1550 is lent out into two parts,one at 8% and another at 6%.if the total annual income is ₹106 ,find the money lent at each rate.
Devansh Sharma
2 years ago
Devansh Sharma
2 years ago
And 650
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