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Introduction to Prespositions
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Prepositions is a must to learn as it is an important part of English grammar, you get to learn how to construct your sentences and be better with the placement of prepositions in a sentence, students struggle with having to learn that..but do not worry this course will enable you to understand better and so well! Do not forget to... Rate.. Recommend and Review all my lessons!

Rachel Shruthi
Graduated from ST. Francis Degree college in bachelor's English literature . I have about 8 months of experience in teaching. Currently pur

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  2. Introduction Prepositions are words normally placed before nouns or pronouns. Prespositions can also be followed by the verbs, except after but and except, the verb must be in the ground form: He is talking of emigrating. They succeeded in escaping.

  3. The student has two main problems with prepositions. He has to know 1. Whether in any construction a precaution is required or not, and 2. Which preposition to use when one 1s required.

  4. Alternative position of prepositions A preposition normally precede nouns or pronouns. In two constructions, however it is possible in informal English to move the preposition to the end of the sentence:

  5. In Questions beginning with preposition + whom/which/what/whose/wher e: To whom were you talking (formal) Who were you talking to? (informal) In which draw does he keep his papers (formal) Which draw does he keep his papers ( informal)

  6. It is used to be thought ungrammatical to end a sentence with a preposition,but it is now accepted as a colloquial form Similarly in relative clauses a preposition placed before whom/which can be moved to the end of thclause. The relative pronoun Is then often omitted: The people with whom I was travelling formal)

  7. The people I was travelling with (informal) The company from which I hire My TV set. (formal) The company I hire my TV set from ( informal)

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