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Introduction To Political Science Optional for UPSC CSE / IAS Exam
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This lesson gives a brief introduction to Political Science as an optional subject for UPSC CSE Mains exam.

Mayank Purohit
Qualified CA. Gave CSE interview in 2013. Interested in political science and international relations.

Unacademy user
Dear sir, when you will be uploading more videos to this course as you said in last part. please upload more lessons and clear our doubts. love you a lot for your work and please keep guiding us for our optional. YOUR WORK IS A GREAT HELP FOR STUDENTS LIKE ME WHO ARE DEPENDENT UPON SELF STUDY>
Amit Kumar JHA
2 years ago
Brother, Amritanshu Sir seems promising regarding OPTIONALS PSIR 2018- I will suggest do check him out
If u cant finish one then plz dont start it. You are just making a joke out of upsc aspirant by giving them a false hope JUST FOR UR VIEWS ND MONEY.
Amit Kumar JHA
2 years ago
Brother, This guy seems promising . Check him out-
Useless unacademy... fake love of Roman Saini. Why the lecture for political science just stopped after 4. We cant trust it for our preparation. Some like mrunal , pmf are more arranged. Initially it was good nd now its useless
Amit Kumar JHA
2 years ago
Hey everyone .. i have decided to take up mathematics as optional as i am a cs engineer but not able to find a good source of online lectures to get through and not technically sound to pay as well.. If anybody know about any free course on mathematics optional please tell me.. its urgent as we have to fill optional in the form.
Monty BM
2 years ago
Hi Sristi I am also from computer science background and more interested in mathematics.but when I did some research on mathematics optional it is like NOR gate either zero or one. Before deciding that as your optional please ask with somebody else. Even you won't get online material from that. Difficult to get good lecture.
Srishti Agrawal
2 years ago
yup.. thankyou.. m planning to take psir
Aniket A Pawar
2 years ago
much of the syllabus is overlapping between gs ll and psir optional
BIPIN CHANDRA ke History of modern India AUR India,s struggle for independence, ye dono books leni hain kya?
  1. Introduction to Political Science and International Relations as optional subject for Civil Services Exam Presented by Mayank Purohit

  2. Choosing an Optional Subject Very important as the 500 marks are strategically important for getting a good rank of variation an edge . UPSC awards similar marks in GS papers but in optionals there is a lot . So with good command over optional subject, an aspirant can have This makes choosing the right optional critical

  3. Political Science as an Optional It is a popular choice among aspirants. . Subject is interesting and dynamic One can study it and score good marks even without any prior background in subject. . However like every choice in life, it has pros and cons

  4. Cons of Political Science Like the name of the subject, syllabus is also long and vast There is no single set of books and you have to consult multiple sources Dynamic nature of subject can be problematic for some . Being a subject of liberal arts, it suffers from the disadvantage that there can't be a single correct answer to any question. Marks you get in exam will depend on how good your approach is.

  5. Pros of choosing Political Science optional Easy to understand and many topics related to our daily happenings Heavy linkage with GS papers Studying history portion of GS paper 1 helps in Political Science too Covers GS paper 2 almost entirely Studying thinkers can help in Ethics paper (GS paper 4) Dynamic nature of subject makes it easier for a candidate who is abreast of latest happenings One can have integrated preparation for entire civil services exam

  6. Conclusion . Detailed analysis of syllabus .Books to follow How to approach the subject All this will follow in subsequent presentations Thank You