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Introduction To Oscillations, Periodic And Oscillatory Motion
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This lesson describes the basics of oscillations and the definition of terms associated with Oscillations. This lesson will be beneficial for the students preparing for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, AIIMS, AIPMT, COMED, BITS, Engineering & Medical entrance exams, various School & Board Exams and also for 9th and 10th Class students who are intrigued by Science and preparing for competitive exams such as NTSE, Olympiads.

Vaisakh Nair
Pursuing Masters in Nanoscience at IISc, Quizzer, Movie Buff, Wannabe Scientist.

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the answer is question no 5 is C. Because the difference between M and L is -1. and the other letters exchange each other. so the answer is OTAETNR
Correct Answer..
Vaibhav Dasgupta
3 years ago
thank u sir.
sir plzz give more explanations for the given examples...or otherwise its very hard to understand..
example no. 2 ka sub no.a thora broadly explain kar dijie na sir
Sir give the topic of 11th class.
I hope that more explanations could be given to the problems. I am otherwise unable to follow the video instantly and have to pause a minute, reflect upon the thought a bit,
sir please add more.topics of 11 12 physics
  1. COLLECTION: OSCILLATIONS Introduction to Oscillations, Periodic and Oscillatory Motion Presented by: Vaisakh Nair

  2. ABOUT ME Pursuing B. Tech Engineering Physics from Delhi Tech. University Cleared JEE Advanced, JEE Mains Follow me on Unacademy Mail me your doubts and queries at .

  3. Steam In Exhaust

  4. Time Period: The smallest interval of time after which the motion is repeated is called its Period. Its SI unit is seconds and denoted by T.

  5. The reciprocal of T gives the number of repetitions that occur per unit time. This number is called Frequency of the periodic motion. Its SI unit is second inverse or Hertz. 1 Hz is equal to one oscillation per second.

  6. Q: On an average a human heart is found to beat 75 times in a minute. Calculate its frequency and period

  7. a heart = 75/1min = 751(bo sec) Frequena ): 1.25Hz Time peuiod t 1-25 = 0.9 sec

  8. HCF (1, 2,4