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Introduction to Matter
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This lesson introduces the concept of matter and its 3 characteristics with experiments

Palak Marwah
IIM Bangalore 2018 | Brand Mgmt - P&G, Mumbai | District topper CBSE Class XII Science 97.2% | Class X AIR 6 CBSE 97.6%

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differentiate in x and L is const. is zero
chal dimag mera mat khrab kr🤬
photons do not have Mass but why they exist
photons do not have Mass but why they exist
ye hai mera question [which metal oxide shows amphoteric nature ] pls mam solv me my question
  1. Gas Liquid Matter in our surroundings Sol PALAK MARWAH MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  2. Look around! Material called "Matter" Solids Liquids Gases Panch Tatva-Air, water, fire, sky, earth MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  3. Physical nature of matter Matter ParticlesContinuous MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  4. Experiment 1 -Water Stir Salt Water -Water Add salt Salt Particles of water magnified millions of times PARTICLE NATURE OF MATTER MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  5. Experiment 2 10 mL 10mL 10 mL 100 mil 100 mL 100 mL 100 m 100 mL Millions of particles in small quantity MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  6. Characteristics of Particles of matter Have space between them Move continuously Particles attract each other MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  7. 1. Space between them Add salt Add lemon juice Add sugar MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  8. 2. Particles are moving Incense sticks Blue ink drop in water Potassium Permanganate crystal in hot water MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  9. 2. Particles are moving Kinetic energy High temperature, more energy Intermix on their own Intermixing of particles of 2 different types DIFFUSION MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  10. 3. Particles attract each other Chalk Iron nails Rubber band MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH

  11. See you in the next lesson! MATTER BY PALAK MARWAH