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Introduction: Stock Markets
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This lesson starts with the introduction to the stock market.

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Sure.plz send me the syllabus
sir pls. create a course on banking system in national as well as international level. pls. put up powers of banks like WB,RBI..
Sir what is the basic difference between stock market and capital market??
why do company or an institution offer debenture as it is loss making entity if its value goes down and on top of it interest also has to be paid by the company?
Sir the first slide is blank...good explanation though..
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  1. Stock Market Part 1

  2. Definition Stock market can be defined as a platform that facilitates trading Trading refer to: buying and selling of shares or equity. Buying/holding shares of a particular company gives ownership rights to the investor over a part of its shares.

  3. SCRA Definition . Securities Contract (Regulation) Act, 1956 [SCRA] defines a stock exchange as: "any body of individuals, whether incorporated or not, constituted for the purpose of assisting, regulating or controlling the business of buying, selling or dealing in securities."

  4. Explanation of the definition Any body of individuals, whether incorporated or not, constituted for the purpose of assisting regulating or controlling the business of: buying, selling or dealing in securities

  5. Regulator of Stock Markets in India The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the designated regulatory body for the finance and investment markets in India The board plays a vital role in maintaining stable and The board plays a vital role In maintaining stable and efficient financial and investment markets by creating and enforcing effective regulation in India's financial marketplace. India's SEBI is similar to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

  6. What is a Stock Exchange? . Stock exchange is an organized market for buying and selling corporate and other securities. byingandlling corporate and other Here, securities are purchased and sold out as per certain well-defined rules and regulations. It provides a convenient and secured mechanism or platform for transactions in different securities.

  7. What is a Stock Exchange? . Such securities include: shares and . debentures issued by public companies which are duly listed at the stock exchange, and bonds and debentures issued by government, public corporations and municipal and port trust bodies.