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Introduction (in HIndi)
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Vikas Joshi
Consultant at Capgemini, Inquisitive in nature, PGDM from FSM, Delhi. Love to teach. Can discuss anything under the sun.

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  1. NTSE 2017 FULLY SOLVED By Vikas Joshi Educator Unacademy

  2. About Me B.Techin Computer Science Engineering Worked for Salesforce, Cognizant. C.E.O. Sagacious Infotech. .PGDM from FSM, New Delhi. Reading enthusi Loves to teach. Can discuss anything under the sun. ast. .

  3. NTSE SAT-05, NOVEMBER, 2017 [Stage-1- MP] TIEM: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 200 INSTRUCTIONS Read the following instructions carefully before you answer the questions, Answers are to be SHADED ona SEPARATE OMR Answer Sheet given, with HB Pencil. Read the Instructions printed on the OMR Sheet carefully before answering the question. L Please write your Center Code Numbeand Roll Number very clealy (only one digit in one block) on the OMR Sheet as given in your admission card. Please see that no block is left unfilled and even zeros appearing in the Center Code Number are correctly transferred to the appropriate blocks on the OMR Sheet as shown in the example given in the OMR Sheet. For all the subsequent purpoze your Center Code Number and Roll Number challemain the same as ven on the Admission Card. 2. The Test is in THREE PARTS. Part I Mental Ability) costs of 50 Questions (Q. No. 1 to 50), Part-II (Language Comprehensive Test) consists of 50 Questioas (Q. Nos. Sl to 100) and Part-m (Apttude Test) consists of 100 questions (Q. Nos. 101 to 200) All questions cany one mark each. Since all questions are compulsory do not ty to read through the whole quection paper before beginning to nswer it 3. 4. 5. Begin with the fist question and keep tying one question after another till you finish all three parts 6 If you do not know the answer to any question, do not spend much tree on and pass on to next one If time permits, you can come back to the questions which you have left in the first instance and try them eun Since the time allotted to the question paper is very limited, you should make the best use of it by not pending too much time on any question 7. . A black page is provided for rough work at the end of each part, 9. REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO SHADE ANSWERS ON A SEPARATE OMR SHEET PROVIDED 10. Answer to each question is to be indicated by SHADING the cirele having the number of the correct II. 12. 13. The candidate need not return this Question Paper booklet and ean take it after completion of the alternative in OMR Sheet firom among the ones given for the corresponding question in the booklet. Now turn to the next page and start an:wering the questions. After the examination, you should hand over the OMR Sheet to the Inviglator of the room examination. No candidate should leae the examination hall before the end of the examination Mental Ability and Scholastic Aptitude Test Name of the Candidate : Registration No. School Name

  4. PHYSICS A car covers 30 km at-a uniform speed of 60 km/hr. and the next 30 km at a uniform speed of 40 km/hr. The total time taken is (A) 30 min 1. (B) 45 miin (C) 75 min (D) 120 min Sol. (C) Total time = +72 30km 60km/hr 30km 40 n / hr T = 75 min

  5. 2. A stone is own upwards with a speed "u" from the top of a tower. It reaches the ground with a velocity "3u" The height of the tower is 211 li (A) Sol. (D) Given 3U a-g

  6. 9112-11-=-2gH 8u- -4u2 .:. -ve sign indicates the downward direction of displacement

  7. When the speed of a particle is doubled, the ratio of its kinetic energy to its momentum: (A) remains the same (C) becomes half 3. (B) gets doubled (D) Becomes four times Sol. (B) Given Let initial speed u Initial momentum. (P) = mu Initial K.E.-1/2 mu- miu KE P Ratio of K. E. and P = miu lt Initial Ratio = 2 Final speed 2u Final momentum (P) = m(2n) = 277111 Final KE -m(211)-=-m x 41,-=2"m KE 2mu2 P 2miu Final ratio of-=- 11 Final Ratio = u Final Ratio of KE and P is double that of initial ratio

  8. 4. Calculate the wavelength of radio waves of frequency 109 Hz. The speed of radio waves is 3 x 10s ms. (A) 60 cm (B) 40 cm (C) 30 cm (D) 10 cm Sol. (C) C=US C-3x10 m/s u=109 H= 3x108 = 109 109 10 10 3x100c,n = 10 30cm =

  9. 5. A force of 16 N is distributed uniformly on one surface of a cube of edge 8 cm. The pressure on this surface is: (A) 3500 Pa (B) 2500 Pa (C) 4500 Pa (D) 5500 Pa Sol, (B) Force = 16M edge length= 8 cm Area of surface of cube-8cm x 8cm Area of cube 64 cm 64 2 10000 F 161 P 64 x 10 A 64x10- 4x104 =10000