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Introduction (in Hindi)
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In this course, Deepak has discussed the introduction and strategy for attempting the cloze test and how to approach it.

Deepak Sharma
B.Tech. from JUIT, Solan | UPSC Aspirant | Problem solving, Travelling, Cooking, Dancing.

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Deepak Sharma
a year ago
thanks :)
really good. keep it up!!
Deepak Sharma
2 years ago
Adarsh Naman
2 years ago
u r very good at précis too.
Deepak Sharma
2 years ago
  1. Crash Course on Cloze Test

  2. About Me: . Deepak Sharma from JUIT Solan in Electronics and Communication Engineering. . Follow me on Unacademy at: If you like my course : Please Rate, Review and Recommend

  3. Introduction Cloze test is a paragraph which consists of 5 - 10 blanks. . Weightage : 20-25 marks in SSC CGL It Tests Vocabulary Reading Speed v Reading Comprehension

  4. Strategy . Building Vocabulary Read the passage in one go and try to understand the theme. Eliminate the options which do not fit. Tone of the passage: Complaining (negative) Suggestive (positive) Critical (negative or positive) Introductory (Pros. and Cons.) Tone of the passage can also be humorous, so we will chose the word accordingly.

  5. . If all the options are of same meaning, then choose the words that are most frequently used. For example : I hada word with him (a) quick (b) pronpt We can the heavenly bodies of our Solar System. (a) look (b) observe . Selecting most appropriate word with proper use of grammar. For example a car (a) am Having (b) have

  6. For example It is an part of our society. )a(b) essential

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