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Introduction & Important Topics.
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This video explains the important topics of Inorganic Chemistry for competitive exams like NEET , AIIMS , JEE , JRF , IAS & class 11 & 12 examination.

Pradeep Sharma
Educator | Chemistry | NEET | JEE Teaching students for Cracking NEET , IIT-JEE , AIIMS , XII & XI since 1998.

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thank you so much ma'am... :))
a year ago
welcome 🙂
sir ,is it complete lesson of GIC if nohh then ,plzz add rest of all lesson of GIC ...
Sir plzzz batao na organic kese karu ????😞
Pradeep Sharma
a year ago
Follow the course of chapter of Organic Chemistry
Hiii sir please send me a video organic chemistry 12th
Pradeep Sharma
a year ago
Nice to know , all the best
  1. Introduction Important topics Chemistry by Pradeep Sharma

  2. Introduction Important topics Chemistry by Pradeep Sharma

  3. Introduction Important topics Chemistry by Pradeep Sharma

  4. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY General Inorganic chemistry Aim -To prepare this chapter for School exams as well as Competitive exams like NEET, JEE etc. Study material - Videos on Internet, Reference books Sample paper & Previous year questions.

  5. IMPORTANT TOPICS Periodic table Introduction Factor affecting Atomic size lonization energy, lonization enthalpy, lonization Potential Electron Gain enthalpy Electronegativity & Electro-positivity

  6. IMPORTANT TOPICS Hybridization Bond angle Fajan's rule Electronic configuration , Nodes & Anti Nodes Oxidation state range, Oxidizing & reducing nature

  7. IMPORTANT TOPICS Acidic strength & Basic strength Oxa acids, Oxides