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Introduction & Important Topics (in Hindi)
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This lesson explains important topics of class 11 Chapter " Classification of elements".

Pradeep Sharma
Educator | Chemistry | NEET | JEE Teaching students for Cracking NEET , IIT-JEE , AIIMS , XII & XI since 1998.

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  1. Classification & Periodic properties

  2. Classification & Periodic properties

  3. Classification & Periodic properties

  4. Classification of Elements & Periodic Properties. Systematic study of elements & properties. Aim -To prepare this chapter for School exams as well as Competitive exams like NEET, JEE etc. Study material Videos on Internet , Reference books, Sample paper & Previous year questions.

  5. IMPORTANT TOPICS Periodic table Introduction Factor affecting Atomic size lonization energy , lonization enthalpy, lonization Potential Electron Gain enthalpy Electronegativity & Electro-positivity

  6. IMPORTANT TOPICS Polarization, Polarizing power, Polarizability Fajan's Rule Lattice energy Hydration energy Solubility of various compounds Diagonal relationship