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Introduction & Important Topics (in Hindi)
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This lesson explains important topics of class 11 Chapter " Classification of elements".

Pradeep Sharma
Educator | Chemistry | NEET | JEE Teaching students for Cracking NEET , IIT-JEE , AIIMS , XII & XI since 1998.

Unacademy user
Thank U Sir... this guide will help me to achieve my goals. I appeared 2017 with about 3months of preparation, followed Unacademy too, but it wasn't enough i know.. n so my score just 92(gen). But, hereafter i have re-started my preps after analyzing my failures.. Thank to Ur whole team, for putting in great efforts and wonderful work of changing future of people like me. Great work Sir!
  1. Classification & Periodic properties

  2. Classification & Periodic properties

  3. Classification & Periodic properties

  4. Classification of Elements & Periodic Properties. Systematic study of elements & properties. Aim -To prepare this chapter for School exams as well as Competitive exams like NEET, JEE etc. Study material Videos on Internet , Reference books, Sample paper & Previous year questions.

  5. IMPORTANT TOPICS Periodic table Introduction Factor affecting Atomic size lonization energy , lonization enthalpy, lonization Potential Electron Gain enthalpy Electronegativity & Electro-positivity

  6. IMPORTANT TOPICS Polarization, Polarizing power, Polarizability Fajan's Rule Lattice energy Hydration energy Solubility of various compounds Diagonal relationship