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Introduction and character sketches of the novel (in Hindi)
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This leeson contains Cbse Class 12th novel the invisible man. You can learn introduction and about the characters in the novel from this lesson.

Vipul Jain
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  1. The Invisible Man - Novel Introduction The novel opens when a stranger arrives at lping (village of England). There's something strange and weird about him. The stranger doesn't fit well in lping and everyone's pretty suspicious of him. This makes it tough for him to just live. The stranger or say Invisible man starts fighting with the people of lping

  2. Introduction Soon he brings a partner in crime with himself, named Thomas Marvel. More problem for the Invisible man as Thomas don't want to help him. Now the Invisible man fighting with the villagers and Thomas also The story moves into the past and it's all about the Invisible Man's development of his invisibility formula. 2

  3. Introduction It includes all stealing from his father, burning down his boardinghouse, almost being caught by the Salvation Army and realizing that being invisible isn't so great. At this point in the story we got to know about the name of the Invisible man. His name was Griffin. 3

  4. Introduction Griffin invents the invisibility formula and told the secret to Kemp. But Dr. Kemp betrays him, Griffin tries to murder Kemp. Now again a new battle started and Now it's the Invisible man verses the whole world 4

  5. Introduction At the end Griffin died. world won the match. since they're totally in code, he can't really put them to He killed by mob (some worker helping Kemp) and the After Griffins death Marvel has his scientific notes, but use.

  6. Characters in the Novel Griffin the Invisible man, the stranger main character of the story he is the model of science without humanity experiments on himself and becomes invisible.

  7. Characters in the novel Dr Kemp- Scientist living in the town knows about griffin's secret. didn't supports griffin. - Kemp helps in the final capture and killing of Griffin. e Janny Hall -wife of Mr. Hall and the owner of the Coach and Horses Inn. suspicious of Griffin. 7

  8. Characters in the novel George Hall- husband of Mrs. Hall helps her run the Coach and Horses Inn. first person in Iping to suspect that Griffin is invisible Thomas Marvel Assistant of the Invisible man carries the Invisible Man's scientific notebooks and stolen money.

  9. Characters in the Novel e Colonel Adye - chief of the Police saves Kemp from the Invisible Man's attack e Dr Cuss doctor living in the village of Iping. scared away after Griffin pinches his nose with an invisible hand J.A. Jaffers - constable in the town of Iping. determined to arrest Griffin.