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Interior Of The Earth - Part 1
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In this lesson we shall learn interior of the earth

Rushikesh Dudhat
Education : B. E. Electronics Faculty of Geography, Environment. Currently associated with Shubhra Ranjan IAS Study, Delhi

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  1. Layers of the ARTH

  2. Simpler concept Earth is made up of concentric zones Structure Outer part is known as lithosphereof the Earth this lithosphere has two parts, the upper part known as SIAL, while the lower part known as SIMA. Lithosphere Crust MathMesosphere . Below the Lithosphere lies middle layer known as Mesosphere or Mantle. Inner Core Outer Core . The innermost layer of Earth is known as Core or Barysphere or NIFE. Barysphere

  3. SIAL and SIMA .SIAL: .SIMA- Layer of Earth just below Sial This is uppermost layer of Earth just below the layer of sedimentary rocks . As it is dominated by silica and Magnesium, it is know as SIMA (SI Silica and MA-Magnesium) Average density of this layer is 3 gm/cc. . As it is dominated by Silica and Aluminium, it is know as SIAL. (SI = Silica and AL= Aluminium) Average density of this layer is 2.7gm/cc. This layer is mainly composed of Granite As continents are made up of SIAL it is known as Continental Crust. .This laver is mainly composed of Basalt As SIMA is found below Oceans it is known as Oceanic Crust.

  4. Don't FORGET!lal is lighter than Sima. Continental crust which are made of Granites is lighter than Oceanic crust composed of Sima. Can we say Continents float on Oceans? YES The Lithosphere Uolcanic Island Continental Plate- 6ranite RoC Ucean Mantie

  5. NIFE The innermost layer of the earth . As it is composed of Nickel(NI) and Iron(FE) it is known as NIFE. Presence of heavy metal like iron gives this layer a very high density of around 11 gm/cc. . Recent studies have shown that core is further divided into inner and outer core