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Insight on Investor Behaviour - Investing
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This lesson renders summary of the book Stocks to Riches: Insight on Investor Behaviour. Educator explains the significance of this book and states the reasons why he preferred this book to summarise in this lesson. Then he briefly introduces Parag Parikh, who is the author of this book. As the lesson continues, Karan explains the summary ​where one will come across going long, going short, trading and much more terminologies related to stocks and investment.​

Karan Shukla
Son, Value Investor, Liberal Arts, Serial Reader

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thank you very much u saved my money
Thank you so much for this course you really seem to have put in a lot of effort
Great Work sir.... U made it so easy to understand.. Thankyou..plz continue
thank you sir...very nice work
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  3. Investment & Personal Finance for Young Professionals

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