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Industrial Revolution Background (in Hindi)
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Why IR Started in England

Aartee Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aartee Mishra
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u are really doing a appreciating work..i think u are very devoted to learn and to doing something new..))..keep it up
mam yeah course kab tk complete hoga... 2 years ho gya start huye....
Ma'am where is the previous chapter s
mam purana video kahan h
Kartik Rathore
a month ago
lesson 3 is first video
very helpful course, thank you mam
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  2. stop wishing start Star Educator doing Topper from Delhi University Top Educator on Unacademy Plus Pursuing P.G 2 Years of teaching experience of General Studies for competitive examination

  3. Tensions are always among followers not religions In Pre modern world Religion constitution > Modern= Rational lo Pre Modern- Foreign Trade 0, After discoveries of new route- World Trade In Modern World Mother -Renaissance Father- Industrial Revolution child = Capitalism Oxygen Raw material and Market Revolutions clash between old and new tit it itt eths iol

  4. Types of Economy Feudal Economy: Instrument and means of production are Entrepreneur Factory (means of production) Profit for capitalists controlled by craftsmen Production according to society Craftsmen were the owner of production Profit- Personal Use &Capital : 9 Capitalist Economy: Instrument and means of production are controlled by craftsmen Production is based on market forces Craftmen are not owners but labours working for wages Profit Investment 0000DD oooodworkers

  5. Why Industrial Revolution started from England? Industrial nation started conquering the areas of raw material and market (Oxygen) After the discovery of America by Columbus, Queen Elizabeth-1 in the beginning of 17th Century staretd the official policy of settlement in North Amrerica which finally led to the establishment of 13 colonies England proved to be epicenter of Industrial Revolution because: Accumulation of Wealth Skilled labour Raw Material (Coal and Iron) Politically Strong (polity is the guardian of economy) Industrial Revolution took place in Britain in 1750 Capital for investing in the means of production Colonies and Markets for manufactured goods Raw materials for production Merchant marine Workers Geography and battle of Plassey 1757 happend in India Beginnig of drain of wealth from India

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