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Indus Valley Civilisation: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Focus of the lesson is on Indus Valley Civilisation.

Sanjay Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sanjay Kumar
Ex-Indian Army Professional & Intelligence Bureau I Speaker—Josh Talks I Focus Areas: General Studies & Security Analysis & SSB Preparation

Unacademy user
jatin sir please explain me about---------------> Hybrid Annuity Model ????
Kundan Kumar
2 years ago
watch ML5-P2 of Mrunal Sir's Economics. He has explained it very well.
Kundan Kumar
2 years ago
search in Youtube
Versha Dhayania
2 years ago
Respected sir, As you said that chinese civilization is contemporary civilization of I.V.C. but net shows that it was not.Please check it😊
sir please take sessions on SSB. We are eagerly waiting for that. Your matters on ssb is very genuine and easy to understand so please bless us by a new awesome lesson in your live session list.Please make it on ppdt and GTO
sir they didn't know about iron so how they got plough
Vipin Sharma
a year ago
wooden plough
these videos are so helpful and thanks sir plz make some other videos like that...
  1. Ancient History: IVC ini BY: Sanjay Kumar (Ex-Indian Army/MHA)

  2. Who aml Ex- Indian Army/Defence Correspondent MHA 1. +2000 English Vocabulary 2. Current Affairs : A Topic a Day (Daily News/Analysis) 3. English for UPSC CDS/ssc CGL Exam Other than CDS, cleared IGRUA, SSC-CGL, IIMC, BHU, ACIO-ll, IP PhD, etc. exams

  3. Ancient History . Indus Valley Civilization: Introduction & Sites Indus Valley Civilisation Explained! SK

  4. The Indus Valley Civilizatior . (2350-1750 BC) Indus valley civilization is also called as Harappan civilization because Harappa was the first site to be excavated in 1921 under the supervision of Daya Ram Sahni SK

  5. The Indus Valley Civilizatior . The known extent of this civilization in the west is upto Sutkagendor in Baluchistan; Alamgirpur (UP) in the east; Daimabad (Maharashtra) in South; and Manda (J & K) in the north arapp Mehrgarh Rakhigar Mohenjo-Daro Chanhudaro Lothal SK

  6. The Indus Valley Civilizatioin This civilization belongs to Bronge Age/ Chalcolithic Age . Hence, it is also called Bronze Age civilization . Contemporary civilizations of Harappan civilization are Mesopotamian or Sumerian civilization, Egyptian civilization and Chinese civilization SK

  7. The Indus Valley Civilizatior Site Location River bank Harappa Mohenjodaro Sutkagendor Chanhudaro Rangpur Kalibangan Lothal Banawali Montegomari, Punjab (Pakistan) Larkana, Sindh (Pakistan) Baluchistan (Pakistan) Sindh (Pakistan) Ahmedabad (India) Ganganagar (Rajasthan) Ahmedabad Hissar (Haryana) Ravi Indus Dashta Indus Meedar Ghaggar Sabarmati & Bhogva Saraswati Note: The largest number of sites are found in Gujarat. SK

  8. The Indus Valley Civilizatior Harappa . Working floors consisting of rows of circular brick platforms which were meant for threshing grain have been found here 6 granaries and 16 agnikundas (firepits) have been found here . People of Harappa knew the process of making tarcoal SK

  9. The Indus Valley Civilizatior Harappa Main gate for the entry in the houses of Harappa was in the north direction R-37 cemetry have been found here . Terracotta figurine of Mother Goddess have been found here SK

  10. The Indus Valley Civilizatior Mohenjodaro It was discovered in 1922 under the supervision of R.D. Bannerji . The literal meaning of Mohenjodaro in Sindhi language is mound of the dead . The Great Bath, a granary, big halls, a bronze statue of a dancing girl, idol of a yogi and numerous seals have been found here SK 10

  11. The Indus Valley Civilizatior Kalibangan It did not have a drainage system A number of firepits agnikundas (firepits) have been found here It saw two cultural phases viz. pre-Harappan and Harappan . A ploughed field have been found here SK 14