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Inductive (vs) Deductive Argument (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
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A,B and C started a work. 5 days later C left the work and B left the work after working 8 how many more days A would have completed the rest work if they take 20,60,30 days individually to finsh a work? plz sir slove this problem.. ans-6
2 months ago
Let there be 60 units of work.(LCM of 20,60,30).Then each day work done by A,B,C is (3,1,2) units of work per day.Hence 5 days-(A+B+C) worked together-5*(3+1+2) units of work. 3 days-(A+B) worked together-3*(3+1)units of work Rest work is 60-30-12=18. A will complete this in 18/3=6 days
sir new facts kisme find krte h inductive m ya deductive m
inductive me new..
Archana yadav
a month ago
concept clear very your live classes sirji.....i have cleared my jrf June 2019
muzhe samaz nahi aa raha ye
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