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DECEMBER 2018 MCQ - ICT Part 5 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Talvir Singh
Double JRF Commerce/Management Motivational Speaker Comedy Addict Lyricist 5 Year Teaching Experience #TREND SETTER

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ma'am, i don't know if this is a technical problem, but when a particular chapter ends, not every time the rating screen pops up. it's like it come once a day when you finish your daily streak and then once on a daily basis it asks for the review. But students go watch the whole course at on go are not able to rate each and every lesson mentioned in the course. so, i guess that might also be the factor. ps: i have seen this on the regular basis and i have followed you course for very long and have given honest rating every time whenever it have been asked. Thank you :)
Arpita Prakash
a year ago
Dear Manisha, thanks for providing ratings etc...however there shouldn't be a need for the viewers to wait for the pop up..there is a option of rating and reviewing each course in the course page itself....after a user feels ( after completing certain number of lessons ) that he/she can now rate or review the course, one should directly go to that option and do that rather than waiting for the pop up to come ! it's all about how sincere are the users and how much they really respect the educator's hardwork. when we Educators can continuously create courses one by one, trying not to compromise with quality in each and every course and infact in individual lessons, making the same overview lesson with same introductory slides in every new course ....then can't the users just spend one or two minutes in writing few lines as feedback and clicking on the stars to give ratings ?
Arpita Prakash
a year ago
not every lesson has the option to be rated or's just one option In every course and that too, the users don't find time about or are not interested in ! these kind of behaviours demotivate to such an extent that I can't probably Express in words ...I really have no idea that when will I stop working just because of this poor response and casual approach from learners' end
excellent sirji. ..... 5/ are the outstanding you gave 25 questions. ....and because of your conceptual teaching as well as 100 conceptual base MCQ..I got 25/25...thanks a lot once again master..Ji.....I have cleared my jrf June 2019.
Thnx a tonn for All the lessons... Respected sir... plz provide lessons on New topics of.. Commerce too..... Eagerly waiting for that...... Hope u vll consider my Request and.... thnx A tonn,,,,,!!!!!!!
Sir is there any changes in Logical Reasoning from previous year ? can you provide last year logical reasoning topic?
very good work sir .thank you sir U r videos r very helpful for .Sir plz Provide Lecture on Methods of Research.
thanku so much sir ...bht sare cocept clear ho gye sir.....
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