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Important Topics to be Covered and Concept of HRD (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses the concept of HRD in detail.

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Priyashi Barthwal
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hi..ques 3 is in pyq...answer should be only gun powder has already arrived in india..
ma'am this unit is entirely changed now so shall I study these topics or should focus only on the topics which are mentioned in the new syllabus?
Priyashi Barthwal
8 months ago
As per the new syllabus. Vl cover that unit as well very soon
Nayna Rawat
8 months ago
you have started unit 6?
Nayna Rawat
8 months ago
thank-you ma'am please cover the unit 7, 9,10, 2 and 3.. as soon as possible bcz these involve almost all new topics..
hiii mam new syllbus me kafi kuch add kra hai....HRD me assumption kya ap uspe lession bna skti ho
Priyashi Barthwal
9 months ago
Yes , will make leasons on the basis of new syllabus
Priyashi Barthwal
9 months ago
Stay connected to my courses.
Afser Khan
9 months ago
ya mam... always
mam hrm job analysis job description k lessons kaha milnge
Priyashi Barthwal
9 months ago
Hrm and hrd wale course m
Rukhsar Khan
9 months ago
tq mam
Yes Mam unit 10 and electives are required. Plz make that also.
These videos are in pipeline you vl get them very soon. keep watching keep learning ✌️
Shivansh Dhawan
a year ago
Thanks alot
thanku so much mam.... mam plz upload 1lesson for CSR.
  1. mi -Human resource development LABOUR WELFARE code 55 Topic: Important Topics To Be Covered & Concept of HRD ate/ Review/Comment & Follow me at ttp://www.unacademy.con barthwal.priyashi

  2. IMPORTANT TOPICS TO BE COVERED 1. HRD Concept 2. Performance Appraisal 3. Training & Development 4. Quality of Work Life 5. Career Planning 6. Quality Circle 7. Designing Training Programmer 8. Management Development Programmes 9. Evaluation of Training

  3. CONCEPT OF HRD Human resource development in the organization context is a process by which the employees of an organization are helped, in a continuous and planned way to: *Acquire or sharpen capabilities required to perform various functions associated with their present or expected future roles; Develop their general capabilities as individuals and discover and exploit their own inner potentials for their own and/or organizational development purposes; and Develop an organizational culture in which supervisor-subordinate relationships, teamwork and collaboration among sub-units are strong and contribute to the professional well being, motivation and pride of employees.

  4. Leonard Nadler introduce the term HRD in 1969 & defined HRD as those learning experiences which are organized for a specific time & designed to bring about the possibility of behavioural changes. According to T V Rao: *HRD is a process to acquire or sharpen the capabilities, develop their general capabilities & development an organizational culture.

  5. THE NE R HRD: HRD is needed by any organisation that wants to be: dynamic and growth-oriented or to succeed in a fast-changing environment. Organisations can become dynamic and grow only through the efforts and competencies of their human resources Personnel policies can keep the morale and motivation of employees high, but these are nor enough Employee capabilities must continuously be acquired, sharpened, and used. "Enabling" organisational culture is essential : When employees use their initiative, take risks, experiment, innovate, and make things happen, the organisation may be said to have an "enabling" culture.

  6. Features of Huma ource development: rce development is a process in which employees of the Human organizations are recognized as most valuable asset to the organization. it stresses on development of human resources of the organization in relation to their present jobs and expected future role. lt emphasize on the development and best utilization of the capabilities of individuals in the interest of the employees and organization. It aims to develop an organizational culture in which there is good senior- subordinate relations, motivation, quality and sense of belonging. It helps is establishing/developing better inter-personal relations based on trust, help & confidence It promotes team spirit among employees. lt tries to develop competence at individual, inter-personal, group and organizational level to meet organizational goal. It form on employee welfare and quality of work life it is a continuous and systematic learning process.

  7. At micro leveitsmeerned with improving skill, attitude, behaviour of employee macro level its concerned with development of people by providing them right environment to grow and realize his fullest potential. Objectives/Benefits of HRD To develop the capabilities of an employee. To develop professional or technical skills. To develop functioning & team spirit in every department & develop a sense of coordination & cooperation. To develop the cordial & harmonious relationship between the subordinate superior thus, increasing over all efficiency of organization.

  8. Humarrresource development now a days is considered as the key to highe.r productivity, better relations and greater profitability for any organisation. *HRD (Human Resource Development) makes people more competent. *With appropriate HRD programme, people become more committed to their jobs. *An environment of trust and respect can be created with the help of human resource development. *Acceptability toward change can be created with the help of HRD. It improves the all round growth of the employees.( team spirit, behaviour & attitude) It helps to run organization effectively & efficiently. It improves the participation of worker in the organization. This improve the role of worker and workers feel a sense of pride and achievement while performing their jobs.