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Important questions part -62
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In this lesson I discussed about the important questions for civil engineering examination

Neeraj Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Neeraj Sharma
2 Year Teaching Experience for Competitive Exam ( GATE , SSC JE , etc) , Worked As Structure Engineer at R.K.B Company Jaipur , Category Exp

Unacademy user
Please help me with this problem, give detailed solution. Ankush and Bablu walk around a circular track. They start at 9 a.m. from the same point in opposite direction. Ankush and Bablu walk at a speed of 3 round per hour and 5 rounds per hour respectively. How many times shall they cross each other untill10.30 am?
Dewashish kurele
2 years ago
firstly we will take lcm of speeds of both ankush and bablu. LCM of 3,5 will be 15. now we will calculate how many times they will cross each other in 1 hour for ankush it will be = 15/3 = 5 for bablu it will be = 15/5= 3 both are running in opposite direction means in 1 hour they will cross each other= 5+3= 8 times. in 1.5 hours = 1.5×8= 12 times they will cross each other 12 times.
Aakash Malviya
2 years ago
Thanks Sir, perfect explanation.
thanks you again sir ... please continue.. upload daily
Neeraj Sharma
10 months ago
Sure.. welcome
  1. 1000 Most important questions for civilengineers

  2. Target audiences are. 17 IES GATE Other exam

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  4. Q.) The general equation of continuity for threedimensional flow of a incompressible fluid for steady flow is where u, v and w are components of velocity in x, y and z directions respectively ou ov ow ou av ow

  5. Q.) A hot wire anemometer is used for the measurement of A) pressure of gases 3 velocity of gase:s C viscosity of gases D ) viscosity of liquids

  6. Q.) Head loss due to a sudden enlargement in a pipe is 2g (vi-V2) 2g CMV

  7. Q.) Which of the following statement is true for two-dimensional flow of ideal fluids? A Potential function exists if stream function exists B)Stream function may or may not exist. C Both potential function and stream function must exist. DStream function will exist but potential function may or may not exist.

  8. Q.) Irrotational flow is characterized as the one in which A ) The fluid flows along a straight line B The fluid does not rotate as it moves along The net rotation of fluid particles about their mass centres remains zero D The streamlines of flow are curved and closely spaced

  9. Q.) A piece of metal of specific gravity 7 floats in mercury of specific gravity 13.6. What fraction of its volume is under mercury? A 0.4 B 0.5 C 0.83 0.515

  10. Fraction of volume under mercury Pm 13.6

  11. Q.) Euler's equation in differential form is given as dp dp

  12. Q.) The discharge through Kaplan turbine is given by 4 4 D None of the above

  13. Q.) Jet of water enters and leaves a moving curved vane, the velocities of whirl at inlet and outlet are v, and The force of the jet in the direction of motion of vane is pAV 2g pAV2

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