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Important Questions on Ayyankali( in Malayalam)
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Important Exam oriented class on Ayyankali the kerala Renaissance leader. And important expected Questions about him

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  2. Ayyankali was born in 1863 in Vengoor, Trivandrum. an He passed through the public roads of Venganoor (1893) on a bullock cart which was not allowed for the Dalits. Enraged by his boldness, the upper castes physically attackedhim.

  3. Childhood name - Kali Known as Pulaya Raja ( title given by Gandhiji ) Also known as Kerala Spartacus Founder Paripalana sangham in 1907 of Sadhu Jana Ayyankali demanded right for Dalit children to study in school, which was not granted.

  4. Ayyankali opened a school to teach the children belonging to Dalit families at Venganoor which was set ablaze by upper caste people. .In response to this, in 1907 he led a strike of agricultural labourers at Venganoor which lasted for more than a year.

  5. Ayyankali was later nominated to the Sri Moolam Legislative Assembly, in 1910 by the then rulers in recognition of his leadership ability He was the first member from the dalit community to become a member in Sri Moolam Legislative Assembly.

  6. .Started ''Kudi Pallikoodam" .First Harijan member nominated to Sreemoolam Praja Sabha ."If you don't allow our children to study, weeds will grow in vour fields" - His words for letting dalit children in the schools. tin

  7. By 1900 Dalits were given the freedom to walk on the public roads, and by 1914, Dalit children were allowed to join schools. Also, Dalit women were allowed to cover their nakedness in public through his efforts. In November 1980, Indira Gandhi unveiled a statue of Ayyankali at Kowdiar square in Thiruvananthapuram

  8. Died on 1941 June 18 Ayyankali Memorial situated at Chitrakoodam (Venganoor) The statue of Ayyankali situated at Kowdiar square ( Trivandrum) and it is unveiled by Indira Gandhi. Its architect was Ezra David