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Important Idioms and Phrases : Lesson 2 (in Hindi)
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This lesson teaches you many new and interesting idioms and phrases from the very basic and foundation level

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

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Sir mujhe nta net k liye hindi me best book chahiye.... Pls help me
I need your special help for Afcat
Sidhant Sharma
9 months ago
Always there
thanks for this course sir
very beautiful poem sir
Sidhant Sharma
9 months ago
Thanks....abhi ye to first line hi sunai thi..... 😊
  1. IMPORTANT IDIOMS AND PHRASES A lesson teaching students many interesting and important idioms and phrases from the very basic level Presented by SIDHANT SHARMA


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  4. On the cuff Meaning - on credit Example Ramesh couldn't pay the bill,so he asked the owner to put it on the cuff

  5. In the blues Meaning - sad and depressed Example My friend has been in the blues since losing the closely fought final match

  6. Go scot free Meaning to escape without punishment Example There were at least more than a hundred people accused in CWG scam but most of them went scot free due to lack of evidence.

  7. To over egg the pudding Meaning - to spoil something by trying too hard to improve it Example I think we've over-egged the pudding with the amount of technology we've crammed into our daily lives-no one knows how to have a quiet moment anymore.

  8. Helter-Skelter/ Pell-mell Meaning: in a confused, rushed, or disorderly manner. Example: The moment our army launched an all out attack, the enemy went helter-skelter

  9. Turn turtle Meaning : turn upside down Example: The bus turned turtle in the crash, and several passengers were injured

  10. In the offing Meaning about to happen Example: Ravi was excited because exams were over and graduation was in the offing

  11. By leaps and bounds Meaning: very rapidly and successfully Example: In the last few years, India has advanced by leaps and bounds in space exploration and commercialisation

  12. .At one's beck and call Meaning : always having to be ready to obey someone's orders immediately. Example: The rude boss expected his subordinates to be always at his beck and call

  13. Mind one's P's and Q's Meaning to make an effort to be especially polite in a particular situation Example: We had to strictly mind our P's and Q's whenever guests from ancestral village came to visit us

  14. Vent one's spleen Meaning : to express one's feelings of anger Example: Activists nowadays are press conferences as a way to vent their spleen on politicians

  15. to look after: to watch, to supervise, to protect (also: to take care of, to keep an eye on) Grandma will look after the baby while we go to the lecture Who is going to take care of your house plants while you are away? I'd appreciate it if you'd keep an eye on my car while l'm in the store.

  16. .to feel like: to have the desire to, to want to consider This idiom is usually followed by a gerund (the ing form of a verb used as a noun). I don't feel like studying tonight. Let's go to a basketball game. I feel like taking a long walk. Would you like to go with me?

  17. once and for all: finally, absolutely My daughter told her boyfriend once and tor all that she wouldn't date him anymore Once and for all, john has quit smoking cigarettes

  18. .to hear of: to know about, to be familiar with; to consider The second dennition is always used in the negative. When I asked for directions to Mill Street, the police officer said that she had never heard of it. Byron strongly disagreed with my request by saying, "I won't hear of it!"

  19. to make fun of: to laugh at, to joke about They are making fun of Carla's new hair style. Don't you think that it's really strange? Don't make fun of Jose's English. He's doing the best he can.

  20. as a matter of fact Hans thinks he knows English well but, as a matter of fact, he speaks very poorly. I didn't say that. In fact, I said quite the opposite. : really, actually (also: in fact)

  21. to look forward to: to expect or anticipate with pleasure This idiom can be followed by a regular noun or a gerund We're greatly looking forward to our vacation in Mexico. Margaret never looks forward to going to work.

  22. In a jiffy - Very soon or suddenly Up to the hilt - Completely fully or entirely Man of letters A literary persorn Sangfroid - The ability to remain calm in difficult situations A curtain lecture - A private scolding of a husband by his wife

  23. Square peg in round holes People in the wrong jobs or places In weal and woe - In both good and bad times Globetrotters Travel around the world Tickled pink Greatly pleased Split one's side To laugh a lot

  24. Building castles in the air - Making impossible plans At the drop of the hat - Willingly and immediately Airy -fairy Not practical Be given the axe To lose job To go like a bomb To move fast

  25. A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge Pedantic All agog Full of interest and excitement To the manner born Place of one's birth Lose one's marbles - Lose something dear to you Bolt from the blues Complete surprise

  26. Be like the bear with the sore head Powerful and Arrogant A snake in the grass Hidden enemy Rain cats and dogs Rain heavily A man of straw Mean person To break the back of To make anything weaker