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Important Idioms and Phrases : Lesson 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson gives you a brief course overview and teaches you many important idioms and phrases for upcoming exams

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

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2nd one wrong or else correct . please make more of such courses . awesome course.
Kumar Ketan
a year ago
OK, to beta aapke jo question glt Huye aap us pr at least 8-10 question practice kriye... Aur sir ise Fir se solve kijiye.... As I said, in next 4 days you'll get 80 lessons back to back. Every hour lessons are publishing
sir can u please provide Ur no. for contact ??
Kumar Ketan
a year ago
we can't provide our personal details.. but you can find me if you want. just try and use your mind
hey sir today is my b'day
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a year ago
Happy Birthday Dear..🎂 U r unknown to me but the first one whom Im wishing in 2019..So HBD once again 🎂🎂💐 & get yr Dreams soon happen 👍
Sidhant Sharma
a year ago
Hello maam.
Sidhant Sharma
a year ago
Sorry for late reply...... happy birthday....may God bless you.....keep smiling
thank you so much...🙏
happy birthday pratima yadav g
  1. IMPORTANT IDIOMS AND PHRASES A lesson teaching students many interesting and important idioms and phrases from the very basic level Presented by SIDHANT SHARMA


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  4. Around/round the clock Meaning - the whole day and whole night,without stopping Example BSF guard our borders round the clock with utmost dedication.

  5. Alpha and Omega Meaning - the first and last Example The strategy to control the inflation remains the alpha and omega of the government's economic policy

  6. A dime a dozen Meaning - anything that is common and is easy to get 'Example In this town, food restaurants are a dime a dozen

  7. Hit below the belt Meaning To unfairly target another person's weakness or vulnerability Example I know she really wants the promotion, but she really hit me below the belt by telling the boss about my personal problems.

  8. All ears Meaning - attentive, to listen to someone with keen attention 'Example The students were all ears when the motivational speakers started giving speech

  9. Under the rose Meaning - secretly Example They used to meet each other under the rose

  10. On the cuff Meaning - on credit Example Ramesh couldn't pay the bill,so he asked the owner to put it on the cuff

  11. In the blues Meaning - sad and depressed Example My friend has been in the blues since losing the closely fought final match

  12. Go scot free Meaning to escape without punishment Example There were at least more than a hundred people accused in CWG scam but most of them went scot free due to lack of evidence.

  13. Helter-Skelter/ Pell-mell Meaning: in a confused, rushed, or disorderly manner. Example: The moment our army launched an all out attack, the enemy went helter-skelter

  14. By leaps and bounds Meaning: very rapidly and successfully Example: In the last few years, India has advanced by leaps and bounds in space exploration and commercialisation

  15. Mind one's P's and Q's Meaning to make an effort to be especially polite in a particular situation Example: We had to strictly mind our P's and Q's whenever guests from ancestral village came to visit us

  16. Give it a shot Meaning : try or attempt something Example: No matter what the odds are, you must give it a shot

  17. .Bad blood Meaning feeling of hatred Example: The riots have created bad blood between the two communities in the village

  18. To eat in/To eat out: to eat at home/to eat in a restaurant I feel too tired to go out for dinner. Let's eat in again tonight. When you eat out, what restaurant do you generally go to?

  19. cut and dried: predictable, known beforehand; boring *The results of the national election were rather cut and dried; the Republicans won easily. A job on a factory assembly line is certainly cut and dried.

  20. .to feel like: to have the desire to, to want to consider This idiom is usually followed by a gerund (the ing form of a verb used as a noun). I don't feel like studying tonight. Let's go to a basketball game. I feel like taking a long walk. Would you like to go with me?

  21. to hear from: to receive news or information from To hear from is used for receiving a letter, telephone call, etc., from a person or organization. I don't hear from my brother very often since he moved to Chicago. Have you heard from the company about that new job?

  22. .to hear of: to know about, to be familiar with; to consider The second dennition is always used in the negative. When I asked for directions to Mill Street, the police officer said that she had never heard of it. Byron strongly disagreed with my request by saying, "I won't hear of it!"

  23. to make fun of: to laugh at, to joke about They are making fun of Carla's new hair style. Don't you think that it's really strange? Don't make fun of Jose's English. He's doing the best he can.

  24. to come true: to become reality, to prove to be correct The weatherman's forecast for today's weather certainly came true Everything that the economists predicted about the increased cost of living has come true

  25. to have one's way: to arrange matters the way one wants (especially when someone else doesn't want to same way) (also: to get one's way) My brother always wants to have his way, but this time our parents said that we could do what wanted. If Sheila doesn't get her way, she becomes very angry.

  26. to look forward to: to expect or anticipate with pleasure This idiom can be followed by a regular noun or a gerund We're greatly looking forward to our vacation in Mexico. Margaret never looks forward to going to work.

  27. A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge Pedantic All agog Full of interest and excitement To the manner born Place of one's birth Lose one's marbles - Lose something dear to you Bolt from the blues Complete surprise

  28. Be like the bear with the sore head Powerful and Arrogant A snake in the grass Hidden enemy Rain cats and dogs Rain heavily A man of straw Mean person To break the back of To make anything weaker